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  • Commented on 'Image sharpening in Photoshop 6'

    After investing the proceeds of the sale of my granny in a Nikon D100, I have a query about image sharpening on photoshop 6.0

    On the camera I have it set to Normal sharpening. Which means it definitely could benefit from photoshop sharpening.

    I tend to use UNSHARP MASKING a lot but am unsure as to what extent/degree it should be used. I find that if you over unsharp the image, it prints noisy! Is there an optimum level of unsharp masking?

    I currently have the unsharp masking set to 100% at 1.5pixels with a threshold of 5

    How does that sound?

    • 1 Sep 2002 6:28PM
  • Commented on 'Applying one change to a lot of files??'

    many thanks stephen
    • 15 Mar 2002 12:02PM
  • Commented on 'Are photoshop files ok? Not 'lossy'?'

    thanks stephen. I guess if its only me and my lab thats going to be working with them, working and saving all my stuff as photoshop files should be ok.
    Are there any advantages of TIFFs over photoshop files (if they are both non lossy) other than the fact that TIFFs might be a bit more universally accepted?
    • 15 Mar 2002 11:59AM
  • Commented on 'Are photoshop files ok? Not 'lossy'?'

    Hi again folks!
    Just wondering if its ok to save/open/save/open work-in-progress files as photoshop files. I know its not rcommended to do this with JPEGS because of the lost data that occurs. But are photoshop files similar to TIFFs in that there is no data loss when you open/save/open/save etc.
    If that is the case, is there anything against saving or archiving images as photoshop files as opposed to TIFFs on CD?

    My sincere thanks once again.

    • 11 Mar 2002 5:48PM
  • Commented on 'Applying one change to a lot of files??'

    Hi folks!
    Words of wisdom required...
    Is there an easy way of applying one command to a group of image files, without having to apply the command individually to each one?
    1. How to convert a group of JPEG files to TIFFs
    2.How to resize a group of JPEG files to 10inx8in at 300ppi
    3. How to apply an unsharp mask filter to a group of JPEG image files?

    When dealing with 20 or 30 images at a time, a short cut would be most welcome!

    Many thanks!!
    • 11 Mar 2002 5:43PM
  • Commented on 'Is the 'Auto Resolution' when saving images, the best?'

    Hi folks!
    Seeking words of wisdom again.
    After fiddling about with my JPEG straight-from-the-camera images (cropping, contrast etc) its time to save them! I need to know if what I am doing is wise or even correct!

    I go into 'Image Size' first and resize my images down to 8in x 6in. I do this for no other reason than the fact that most people seem to like 8in x 6in on their mantel piece! Then I hit the Auto-Resolution button which automatically gives me 266pixels/inch. I figured that might be better than the 72pixels/inch which was already in the box! I also tick the box which gives me 'best' auto resolution.
    I save it as a JPEG at maximum quality (12 on the sliding scale) and I tick ICC profile: Adobe (1998).
    Would anyone like to tell me how foolish I am being or if what I'm doing is ok? I'm just keen to save the image as optimally as possible in case of the need for 20x16 enlargements in the future!!

    Many thanks!
    • 4 Mar 2002 4:14PM
  • Commented on 'Add my signature to Digital Prints??'

    many thanks Pete!!
    • 4 Mar 2002 4:03PM
  • Commented on 'Best Thumbnail Software??'

    Hi there

    I'm looking for a thumbnail program so that I can produce proofs to my brides and grooms. Is there one that anyone can rcommend that is flexible and simple to use? MANY THANKS!

    • 8 Feb 2002 1:32PM
  • Commented on 'Add my signature to Digital Prints??'

    Hi there folks

    Is there anyway that photoshop will allow me to 'sign' my digital prints with my actual signature in a similar way an artist would sign his paintings? This would be particularly useful when selling limited edition prints or prints for exhibition.

    I would imagine scanning a copy of my signature would be a first step. MANY THANKS!

    • 8 Feb 2002 1:27PM
  • Commented on 'Colour matching monitor & printer..aarrrgghh! Help!'


    A bit of advice badly needed here! When I download images from my Olympus E10 onto PC to work on them in Photoshop, the skin tones generally look fine on the monitor. Nice and natural. But when I print them out on my Epson 890, it comes out horribly magenta.

    So what I have to do with EACH image individually, before printing, is to adjust the colour balance using Photoshop 6.0. (IMAGE-ADJUST-COLOUR BALANCE, +20 RED, +20 GREEN, +20 YELLOW).

    This means that the colour of the image looks really quite odd on my monitor but perfect when printed out on the Epson 890. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY. HELP!!

    Is there something I can do to calibrate the printer so that it prints out exactly what is on the monitor without having to fiddle the Colour Balance for each individual image?

    I've already adjusted the ADOBE GAMMA for my monitor but I dont think thats not much use for precisely COLOUR matching / calibrating the printer.

    Any advice much appreciated! Many thanks.
    • 28 Dec 2001 11:31AM
  • Commented on 'How to print TWO 8x6in pics on ONE A4?'

    Many thanks Peter.
    • 28 Dec 2001 11:22AM
  • Commented on 'How to print out TWO 8inx6in images on ONE sheet of A4?'

    Many thanks for your helpful advice Peter.
    • 28 Dec 2001 11:21AM
  • Commented on 'How to print out TWO 8inx6in images on ONE sheet of A4?'


    How can I get Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to tell my EPSON 890 printer to print out TWO 8inx6in prints onto ONE sheet of A4 photopaper?

    Many thanks!!
    • 24 Dec 2001 3:03PM
  • Commented on 'How to print TWO 8x6in pics on ONE A4?'

    I've got Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and use an Epson 890 printer.

    How would I get photoshop to print out TWO 8in x 6in prints onto ONE sheet of A4 photopaper to save wasting paper?
    Many thanks!!
    • 24 Dec 2001 2:59PM