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id like to say hello to you all and thank you all for taking a little bit of time to look at what ive been up to. im enjoying my photography at the minute, photoshop is still a little well alot of the problems in my life but you no il get over it
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A quick view of marcoz's recent activity.

  • Darran Lindsay

    this on the isle of man ?
    • 19 Jun 2009 1:33AM
  • Ento-Architectural Digest Cover - October 2006

    i think its class was it big or small? it really looks like differnt pieces of sweaty old leather stuck together very cool
    • 14 Nov 2006 3:45AM
  • SASHA.

    i think the one thing this picture does is show that mabe your dog is a little over weight this is no way ment to offend
    • 14 Nov 2006 2:46AM
  • 8

    great shot....not long now il have my camera on on the TT bikes whooo
    • 18 May 2007 6:10PM
  • Sepia Snakes

    nice picture
    • 16 May 2007 7:03PM
  • Penshaw Monument, Sunderland

    looking at the thumbnail i thought what great light then i click on your photo and i guess you already no lol

    good work like it alot cheers marc
    • 16 May 2007 6:59PM
  • Tiffany

    nice picture i like this alot nice work
    • 13 May 2007 1:11PM
  • i love your work i hope your going to keep clicking and giving us such pleasure
    • Posted on limmy62's profile
    • 27 Apr 2007 1:02AM
  • your very clean in your work its all very nice i hope to have the pleasure of looking at more soon thanks
    • Posted on Glynn's profile
    • 14 Apr 2007 1:19AM
  • hello deb

    id like to say how much ive enjoyed looking at your pictures, your a very very talented photographer and i hope your pictures will keep coming and coming.
    • Posted on debster's profile
    • 12 Apr 2007 10:59PM