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A quick view of Mari's recent activity.

  • Afternoon Sunshine

    Gorgeous light Jennn Grin
    • 22 Feb 2020 4:34PM
  • The Leaning Tree

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments and critiques Grin. I'm delighted to get the UAs, thank you very much!
    • 22 Feb 2020 8:36AM
  • Reflecting

    Thanks Tom and Oll1e Smile much appreciated..
    • 19 Feb 2020 1:08PM
  • Sun Up / South China Sea

    That's rather lovely Tom Smile. Making a rare appearance, hope you and the family are well Grin
    • 19 Feb 2020 10:11AM
  • Pre dawn reflections...

    Just beautiful Mike 😊
    • 14 Dec 2016 7:43PM
  • Little Train, Big Mountain

    Thanks Adam..all fine with me hope you're doing well 😊

    Keith...thank you so much for your comment 😊

    Thank you Mike..😊
    • 14 Dec 2016 7:41PM
  • Winter's Chill

    Thanks all. Grin I'm very well thanks Mike, hope the same with you..
    • 12 Dec 2016 5:08PM
  • Hi Linda, you have such a wonderful photographic eye, i've really enjoyed looking through your pics, some stunners amongst them Smile

    • Posted on Mynett's profile
    • 15 Feb 2012 9:36AM
  • A beautiful and very artistic gallery Alun, some amazing images here

    Mari Smile
  • Hi Andrew, I love your work! Fantastic artistry, imagination and processing work Smile
  • Hi Mike, i've just had a look at some of the images on your page, and i'm so impressed by the quality and subject of your work, just amazing, keep up the good work Smile

  • Incredibly good portfolio of pics... you have a great understanding and ability to capture wildlife actually in the wild. Look forward to seeing more

    Mari Smile
  • Just had a quick browse through your pages Ed, some very high quality images here, you are a very talented photographer Smile

  • Some superb photography here Richard, have enjoyed looking at your pics, you can certainly turn your hand to taking any type of picture with great accomplishment Smile

    • Posted on Richsr's profile
    • 9 Dec 2010 9:24AM
  • Your work is brilliant. Beautiful natural landscape photographs, so glad I found your page Smile

    • Posted on wolfy's profile
    • 24 Nov 2010 9:32AM
  • I've just had a look through your work Ronnie, and you have some wonderful images, thoughtfully taken and such good quality.

    Many thanks for all of your support on my work, its much appreciated Smile

    • Posted on RonnieAG's profile
    • 18 Nov 2010 10:23AM
  • Some superb imagination converted to images so beautifully, you are a fine artist, I really enjoy looking at your work.