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Hi, welcome and thanks for dropping by. These are my modest pics, glad if you enjoy!!!
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  • The Triplets by Maria5

    Lol, from left to right, Coco (male), Cuin (female) and Brisca (female), Coco was rescued from the street, Cuin was about to be left at a pet rescue organization where I went to look for a companion for Coco and Brisca is the daughter of a German shorthaired pointer dad whose owner I know and her mum is a Portuguese Podengo mix
    • 14 Nov 2017 6:46AM
  • Kitty by Maria5

    Thanks so much Blush
    • 2 Apr 2017 7:15AM
  • Aurora by Maria5

    You're so kind, thanks Smile
    • 12 Sep 2015 11:58AM
  • 8 a.m. by Maria5

    Youre too kind but Im glad you enjoyed it Nathan Smile
    • 3 Aug 2015 6:00PM
  • :) by Maria5

    Huh? Taken with my phone
    • 25 Jul 2015 4:27PM
  • Hydrangea by Maria5

    You're so kind Nathan Smile
    • 22 Jul 2015 6:10PM
  • Hoxe by Maria5

    Thanks all, it actually is a sunrise Smile
    • 22 Jul 2015 5:27PM
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  • Who lives outside the UK?

    [photo]"Don' forget to add a photo of where you live please Show us all the beauty of where you are." Melbourne..a view from our house
    by conrad | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on Eviscera's profile

    Truly amazing *bows*
    • 11 Oct 2011 1:23PM
  • Posted on Baz72's profile

    You do take lovely pics Smile
    • 30 Oct 2010 5:46PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    This is full of beauty Smile
    • 17 Oct 2010 2:15PM

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