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A quick view of marianne's recent activity.

  • Friday Fun on the Cat-walk

    wow...you did well there Mum, must have been so frustrating and limiting keeping still! The light is great, lovely shots!
    • 18 Oct 2010 10:00AM
  • How Many Women Does it Take to Dress a Bride

    Quote:Why the toning? There is so much life and character in this shot which vibrant colours would only have added to.

    Personally I might have been tempted to push the vibrancy/saturation rather than muting with a split tone. Gorgeous bride though - always a good head start in wedding shoots...

    There were too many colours in the shot for my taste, I wanted to simplify the image, keeping the focus on the happy group of people. I appreciate your comment but don't agree with your idea. Thanks for taking the time to give it some thought though, thank goodness we don't all have the same ideas! ;^)
    • 28 May 2009 6:07PM
  • A slow walk in Tuscany

    The town was called Poppi and the walled village is called Barga, where the Scottish community are living. Gorgeous photos but surely you have some more? xxx oh and i didn't like to say but there is only one 'r' in Marianne xxx Wink
    • 19 May 2009 6:21PM
  • Tuscany

    I love the delicate colour of these Iris...oh the food and the villa, I miss it all!
    • 16 May 2009 9:36AM
  • St Marks Square

    They are lovely photos Mum, dodgy couple in the second one mind you! I didn't see the bride and groom so it's good to see it on here. It was expensive but you don't get to such a landmark of a place too often, what a wonderful experience it all was.
    • 15 May 2009 10:29PM
  • Just one Cornetto

    I actually knocked the price down to 90 Euros so it can only be called a bargain! hahah....but we just had to do it. Love all the photos, especially the first one :^)
    • 15 May 2009 10:24PM
  • Venice :)

    What a wonderful, magical time we had...a beautiful image!
    • 13 May 2009 10:00PM

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