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A quick view of Mark_Readman's recent activity.

  • New Lens - comments please by whipspeed

    looks like zoom blur, where you zooming the lens when you took the shot ?
    • 15 Jan 2007 6:17PM
  • Angel by uglymug

    lovely, a crime not to print at a3 and frame, a timeless portrait that will glow brighter every year that passes.
    the slight focus wins it for me
    • 30 Dec 2006 11:01AM
  • Take a Break by AndyM

    my kind of picture.
    excellent capture, this section is not for the light hearted, it takes skill and speed to shoot what you see
    • 30 Sep 2006 7:16PM
  • Punks by mike sharples

    It is probally one of the best pictures of the decade, pity only the people on here will ever get to see it.
    My advice
    Print, frame and sell !
    • 19 Aug 2006 6:11PM
  • MIG 29 by skerwish

    Cracking shot, hope to see more
    • 22 Jul 2006 8:41AM
  • Lancaster by skerwish

    perfect exposure and shutter, please do show us more !!
    • 22 Jul 2006 8:40AM
  • Mark Feltham by Tebbs

    He played the harmonica solo on New modle army poison street. and that rocked
    • 20 Jul 2006 8:48PM
  • Posted on: Jessops plans to stop the rot

    They could always try Employing some staff that know a camera from their ar$es and charge the same price as everybody else for the things they sell ?
    • 21 Jun 2007 8:19PM
  • Posted on: Sigma SD14 reviewed

    It's all gong and no dinner !
    • 10 Jun 2007 10:54PM
  • Posted on: Sigma SD14 reviewed

    such noise at such low iso will keep this a sigma enthusiast camera, it's not what I hoped for, a pro spec camera that breaks the 2 horse race
    • 31 May 2007 9:31PM
  • Posted on: Kodak summer savings

    Until they can sell the media at a lower cost than getting it printed and posted then they will only be a toy for select professional who need to event print on site, the cost of the media is a scandle, 75 for 50 sheets of paper for my 8500 and another 75 +vat for the ribbon !
    The paper cost 4 times more than genuine gold leaf edge bound hallmark !
    Make them affordable first
    • 23 May 2007 5:53PM
  • Posted on: Samsung launch the World's First 10 Megapixel Camera Phone

    Whos dollars ?
    900 korean won is 50 pence !
    ill have a dozen please !!!!
    • 15 Oct 2006 12:01PM
  • Posted on: Pro-View wireless remote display

    where is the shutter button
    • 13 Sep 2006 3:52PM
  • Posted on: Photo Mechanic version public beta

    the trial version will not work without purchasing a key, clicking demo brings up a registration key, they said some bugs, but I would have thought getting it to open would be a start
    • 18 Jun 2006 2:07AM
  • Posted on: Nikon D200 digital SLR

    Stating to make the switch to nikon look closer every day, Canon are pricing themselves out of the market, the 5d is twice the price and un usable outdoors in English winter weather,
    If canon have not got a 20d replacment lined up to compete with Nikon very quickly, then canon have been caught well and truly with it's pant down !
    • 5 Nov 2005 3:17AM

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