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Hi all,
Welcome to my world.
Seeing as you've come this far you may as well leave a comment on an image or the whole portfolio.
All comments welcome, good or bad, don't be afraid.
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  • digitially manipulated

    I like photomatix. If I'm honest, I love photomatix. All the photos I take that I think are worthy of display I run through Photomatix and ahve a tweak. The results can be fantastic, mediocre or down right strange. Some of my images look more...0

    27 Sep 2013 11:41AM  |  Read


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  • work / life balance

    Have you got yours where you are happy? I don't think I ever will until I don't have to work anymore. Then I will probably end up volunteering to give myself some sort of balance. About 6 months ago I thought I had a pretty good balance. I enjo...0

    9 Aug 2013 6:38AM  |  Read


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  • Is that it?

    Last weekend we had our first BBQ of the year ............... in the rain. Then get told by the 'experts' that summer is over before it has started and we can expect a few more wet summers. There was a big meeting of weather experts to dicscuss...0

    21 Jun 2013 6:36AM  |  Read


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  • Have I improved?

    Has my photography improved over the past 7 years? This one below was my first post on ephotozine, back in 2006. Looking at it now I still like the composition and the simplicity of it, but the lighting certainly needs lifting. It received 8 ...0


    6 Jun 2013 7:28AM  |  Read


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  • Four and a half years later

    Four and half years !!! Has it really been that long?? Four and a half years since I last wrote to my blog on here - anyone miss me? ;) A lot can happen in four and half years. I wonder how many people read these blogs now? When I used to do i...0

    23 May 2013 2:55PM  |  Read


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  • Life update

    Still alive, which is a good thing I suppose. Bathroom is finished (almost), fit a shower door this afternoon and all is done :) I then have a shower, go to bed and fly to the states tomorrow for work :( Come back the following weekend for tw...0

    19 Sep 2008 10:31AM  |  Read


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  • Migraines

    I suffer from migraines occasionally. I get 2 or 3 a year. If I get one during the day, I just want to shut out all the light and noise and go to sleep. Why is it, when I get one at night, I can't sleep and end up suffering all night? On ...0

    3 Sep 2008 7:37AM  |  Read


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  • No Blog Friday part V

    Welcome to the latest installment of no blog friday. Its exciting isn't it :) A bit of a variation to this weeks 'no blog Friday' is that I won't be here next week. Got a week off work to spend with my partner and two girls. A couple of days at A...0

    15 Aug 2008 10:44AM  |  Read


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  • Couldn't think of a title .....

    Blimey, its Wednesday already. Been a busy week so far following a rather dismal weekend. Progress on the bathroom has not been brilliant, a few more tiles here and there. The door is up and all the frame for that has been completed. Hopefull...0

    13 Aug 2008 1:28PM  |  Read


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  • No Blog Friday part IV

    Early start at work today. Therefore 'No Blog Friday - the series' is posted earlier than usual ;) Have a great weekend everyone. SMILE - Make the world think you are an idiot :)0

    8 Aug 2008 7:01AM  |  Read


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  • roll on tomorrow...

    Don't know why though. I will actually be just as busy tomorrow as I am today. I suppose it is the thought of the weekend that makes me look forward to Fridays. Times have changed recently though. We all used to go to the pub on a Friday lunchtime t...0

    7 Aug 2008 10:27AM  |  Read


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  • Sorry too busy to .....

    Blog. Photograph. Edit. chat. Comment. Been a a busy day at work (had to go to the head office in the Strand present to the customers). 8pm now. Time to start the decorating again. Wonder whats for dinner?0

    5 Aug 2008 8:18PM  |  Read


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  • A brand new week

    And isn't christmas getting closer. Another weekend spent mostly in the bathroom. Things are progressing well. 95% of the plumbing is done - just need to tile the shower then the controls and the riser can be fitted to finish the plumbing. One la...0

    4 Aug 2008 1:24PM  |  Read


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  • No Blog Friday part III

    The series continues..... Have a great weekend :)0

    1 Aug 2008 10:47AM  |  Read


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  • Less work, more ePz

    No blog yesterday. No time. There is a good chance though that I will be posting images more regulary soon though. And the good news is its my company that will be helping me do it! I use a company laptop at work and it is restricted to what...0

    31 Jul 2008 10:16AM  |  Read


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