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mark2uk's Blog


Hi all,
Welcome to my world.
Seeing as you've come this far you may as well leave a comment on an image or the whole portfolio.
All comments welcome, good or bad, don't be afraid.
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  • blog update

    At work. Very busy. Can't tell you what I do though, its a secret. I know that I shouldn't be on ePz, but the interwebby police at work haven't blocked this one yet ;) Chippie should be in my house at the moment building the stud wall for...

    29 Jul 2008 2:29PM | Read


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  • My weekend.....

    Imagine if you will, a small cell with a bath and a toilet in it. Put two windows in this cell, but only have the top quarters of these windows openable. Now put two people in this small environment with a couple of hundred ceramic tiles. Ensure t...

    28 Jul 2008 1:22PM | Read


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  • No Blog Friday II

    Wow, I'm on to something here, this could run and run. Have a wonderful weekend - get out and about in this fantastic weather with your cameras (I can't coz I've got to do the bathroom!)

    25 Jul 2008 11:27AM | Read


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  • Bathroom update...

    Not finished yet ! Tune in next week for another important update. Just joking (about the important update next week - the bathroom still isn't finished). Been fairly busy at work so haven't been able to do too much at home recently. Spent t...

    24 Jul 2008 2:00PM | Read


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  • Half wit

    This one sums up life for most of us...... A man owned a small farm in Aberdeenshire. The Department of Employment claimed he was not paying proper wages to his staff and sent a representative out to interview him. 'I nee...

    22 Jul 2008 8:13AM | Read


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  • How are they hanging ?

    An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution for a client who was due to be hanged for murder at midnight. His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and dep...

    21 Jul 2008 1:27PM | Read


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  • No blog Friday

    Welcome to 'no blog Friday'. Have a great weekend :)

    18 Jul 2008 1:26PM | Read


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  • More bathroom....

    Heated towel rail in yesterday. Pain in the blooming arse having to drain the whole central heating system to do it though. Put the heating on last night to check all is well ..........................and it works! A little too well, nearly bur...

    17 Jul 2008 1:19PM | Read


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  • The Bathroom saga cont....

    The new bath is in :) Helen used it late last night and commented on how comfortable it is. I like reading in the bath so if it is as comfortable as she says I may have to install a small reading light in the corner ;). Shower tray sould be fit...

    16 Jul 2008 11:32AM | Read


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  • wii fit update

    Well, its been three weeks now since the wii fit arrived in our household. A lot of people say it is just a gimmick and I must agree some of the activities etc are a bit of fun more than anything else. BUT..... it does mean we don't just sit th...

    15 Jul 2008 2:53PM | Read


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  • Ever wish you had learnt a trade...

    ...like plastering ? I do. I spent most of Sunday morning trying to stop it falling off the wall :) No Photography, but posted a picture up that I took early one morning a couple of weeks ago. Posted it up in the normal gallery for clicks, ...

    14 Jul 2008 12:11PM | Read


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  • Ouch

    My neck is no better, probably a little worse in fact. It is really bad in the morning. I think it must all sieze up in the night. By midday I have a fair bit of movement back, but the pain is there still. It definitely eases in the evening, and...

    11 Jul 2008 12:20PM | Read


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  • Not much of a blog....

    ....more of a whinge today. I've hurt my neck/shoulder and don't know how I did it. I do know that if I turn my head to fast it hurts like hell. Deep heat works for a while, but not long enough. My other whinge today is the Avatar suduko on th...

    10 Jul 2008 1:38PM | Read


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  • Reasons for no Blog yesterday

    I was busy. Today I think I will busy too. Nothing done on the bathroom. Nothing done with a camera. No Photoshop work done. Too busy with flippin work! We apologise for this interruption in your Blog enjoyment. Hopefully normal se...

    9 Jul 2008 9:16AM | Read


    Views : 143

  • The Bathroom saga....

    Saturday I can't plaster walls so why do I try? Not raining in the afternoon - quite sunny actually. Front and back gardens done. Managed to post a piccy from the holiday (which seems so long ago) on ePZ. Sunday Plumbing - a nice indoor activi...

    7 Jul 2008 8:15AM | Read


    Views : 477