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A quick view of mark90d's recent activity.

  • In Flight

    Thanks for identifying , I wondered what it was , it was a very impressive Egret rgds Mark
    • 22 Jan 2021 4:20PM
  • Colour on a Grey Day

    Thanks for your comments
    • 1 Dec 2020 1:53AM
  • Buzzard

    • 14 Nov 2020 1:09PM
  • coastline wildlife

    Curlew. Thanks for the info
    • 10 Nov 2020 5:22PM
  • Windy Harbour

    Hi all
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to this poor image. Let me explain I have been away from photography a while and have just purchased a Canon DSLR with a standard lens package. I knew from the off that the kit lens was no good for my interest ie wildlife and sport. But would suffice for now for the close ups off grand kids I was out with my dog ,camera in hand and these guy were kite surfing and looked fantastic it was windy on the cliff top sadly the image was about the 50th maybe. 60 th shot I had taken with the new camera I knew wrong lens but snapped away. So. Better images to come when the new lens arrives. And I get the settings sorted. Rgds Mark
    • 24 Oct 2020 8:04PM
  • king of the sky

    Thank you all
    • 7 Aug 2016 8:39PM
  • Curbar Edge 1

    • 2 Jun 2016 5:06PM

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