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Hi welcome to my gallery... I'm fairly new to this game, but I would like to thank all of those who have already voted or commented on my pictures for their support, there is no greater encouragement or reward than someone showing they like your efforts.
I thought I would just write an update to this as it was written in March 2011, and time has marched on so quickly. I'd like to think I'm getting to grips with this, but I know I've still only scratched the surface, so I continue to learn, in some parts guided by the kind and supportive members of this site... Thank you all.
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  • The last two weeks

    Hello all, So a couple of weeks ago all my A2 sized images turned up and were immediately delivered to the framing centre. How exciting it was to see my images in print and at a reasonable size! Thank you to Paul Morgan who made a spec...

    10 Mar 2014 9:30PM | Read


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  • Exhibition part 2

    So, a few days further on... Having visited the Ashcroft Arts Centre again, it looks like 25 images is what is required for the exhibition. 11 A2 images which will end up framed at 31 x 23 inches 4 A2 canvas 2 40 x 25 inch Direct print on ...

    2 Feb 2014 8:40PM | Read


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  • Exhibition... Who thought that was a good idea?

    Ok... never done one of these before and before I go any further, this blog is just about my experience in trying to put together an exhibition, its not verbatim advice and I wouldn't want anyone to follow my guidelines, it really is just for info. ...

    26 Jan 2014 10:21PM | Read


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