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A quick view of markymook's recent activity.

  • Shore

    Yes I did actually but worth it. Thanks for the comment.
    • 6 Jun 2021 5:30PM
  • To dark side

    Love it....great night capture.Smile
    • 27 Oct 2012 5:21PM
  • Old Faithful

    Wow...great shot. Makes me want to see one now.
    • 24 Oct 2012 5:43PM
  • Our Bike Ride .

    Great image...well taken.
    • 10 Feb 2011 7:44PM
  • After dark

    Wow...stunning image.
    • 10 Feb 2011 7:42PM
  • Eddies Boat

    Lovely image and great light.
    • 21 Dec 2010 4:05PM
  • Merry Christmas

    Good work Dave......merry Xmas.
    • 21 Dec 2010 3:58PM
  • Wow.....Dawn you have taken some fantastic images and i could look at them all day long.You are a true inspiration to a beginner like me and if i end up with a fraction of your skills i will be very happy....thank you.
  • Wow...what a stunning PF.I could look at your images all day long.Thanks.
  • I think you have a fabulous PF with loads of vivid colours and spectacular scenery.
  • Thanks for all the comments Stace......beautiful PF and always a pleasure to look at.A true inspiration to a beginner like me....thank you.
    • Posted on Stace's profile
    • 19 Aug 2008 7:30PM
  • Thanks for the comments on my PF Chris.It is always nice when someone takes the time to have a the picture of the Ford Prefect....Mark
    • Posted on cjl47's profile
    • 18 Aug 2008 12:49PM
  • I could look through this PF every day of the week and not get bored.
    • Posted on Bob_V's profile
    • 12 Aug 2008 4:39PM