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A quick view of Marshmallow's recent activity.

  • Lashes by Marshmallow

    Thank you all for your positive comments. Most appreciated. Lisa xx
    • 11 Aug 2010 6:58AM
  • Peter Pan by Marshmallow

    Crikey Rob ... I'm rubbish at remembering what I did in Photoshop. I just sort of start tinkering until I feel I can go voila! However, in no particular order ... I do remember desaturating the image a fair bit, I added a filter (but I can't remember which one), I used the burn tool to strengthen the darker areas on and around his face. The dodge tool on his eyes and the blown highlights in the top right. I also did a little noise reduction but I wanted to produce a vintage image so didn't take it all away. The rest has now disappeared from mind. Thanks for your comments ... I'll tell him you think he's a super star Smile
    • 4 Aug 2010 7:59AM
  • Guardian of the Garden cupboard.... by grahamab

    Simply beautiful. You've really brought out the tones and textures of this gorgeous cat. Fabulous image.
    • 4 Aug 2010 7:42AM
  • Portrait 3 by UBOAT

    Well done ... caught my eye.
    • 3 Aug 2010 8:46AM
  • Earwig (I hate them!) by Paul_Iddon

    Awwww ... how can you possibly hate earwigs ... they are very attentive mums who go to great lengths to look after their young brood. Lovely shot, especially if they make you feel a little creeped out.
    • 3 Aug 2010 8:44AM
  • Mask two by Joscelyne

    Beautiful ... mage me stop and take a look.
    • 3 Aug 2010 8:38AM
  • In Flight by Marshmallow

    Wow folks ... thank you for all those wonderful comments. Just goes to show that the potential for a great shot can appear at any time. This was totally spontanious and taken whilst we were waiting for his Mum ... we had half an hour to kill.
    • 2 Aug 2010 7:16PM
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