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A quick view of martib's recent activity.

  • Double trouble

    Quote:Lovely & creative.

    Thank you
    • 8 Nov 2019 8:09PM
  • Freya

    Quote:Hi. I think the image has some issues and some stylistic flaws and does not help promoting your daughter's career.

    I consider the horizontal space occupied by your signature a missused opportunity which could be used at the bottom of the frame to display her legs a bit more. She is your priority here.

    I am not against avoiding to look at the lens when modelling for clothes so the blank gaze is fine. But both hands hanging down parallel to the torso is a pose that cries out "inflexible"and "inexperienced". This can change od course with the help of a prop, offer her to hold a bag, a flower, a hat. Or if you have none available ask her to bend the elbow and place her hand on jer waist.

    If I had seen this image in a fashion magazine I would expect references to the top but mainly her skirt. But look at the geometric pattern of the skirt and compare the strict vertical and horizontal lines with the uneven length of her hair ends. Bad match. Where are my Scissors????!!!!. Then similarly, arrange the hair either front or back but not with stray hair over the shoulders as adidas foot ball kit shirt.

    I would ask her study poses from fashion magazines while you train your eye to pick up details that potentially can make or break a shot. You will both benefit from it.

    Wishing her good luck with her dreams, she is a good looking young lady, you should be proud as her dad.


    Wow!! Thank you for taking your time to observe and comment on this shot. Your comments are valid and taken on board, as much as my daughter loves to be in front of the camera she does struggle a little to decide on poses... this was just a shot that I really liked, we had no hair and makeup staff available today haha! Iíve told her plenty of times to explore the internet for her poses... sheís getting there. Thank you anyway for your critique

    • 31 Oct 2019 8:46PM
  • Teddy

    Quote:Absolutely beautiful.


    Thank you
    • 30 Oct 2019 2:35PM
  • Delilah

    Thank you for your comment chase, Iíll go revisit it and have a tweak
    • 27 Oct 2019 11:30AM
  • Lashes

    Thanks for your comments 😊
    • 22 Sep 2019 6:23PM
  • Lauren

    Quote:I like the isolation and the lighting on Lauren, Martin.
    But her left eye looks a little soft compared to her flower.
    At 1.6 and it may have focussed on the lashes and not the eyeball?
    Your flash setup is working very well.

    Yeah I noticed that, I do struggle at the best of time to get that sharp focus... Ill keep trying
    • 8 Sep 2019 7:31PM
  • Sleepy

    Thank you
    • 17 May 2019 8:46PM
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