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Welcome to my gallery.

I spend a lot of time in the Peak District as I attempt to show the beauty of the local area.
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9 Apr 2021 4:47PM
Lovely Pf Martin ....
20 Jan 2016 5:14PM
A Beautiful PF
MileJanjic 8 5 3 Serbia
3 Sep 2014 6:50PM
You have here a wonderful portfolio!!
IsabelC 8 51 10 Denmark
6 Aug 2014 5:54PM
What a beautiful portfolio - and the Peak District looks like an amazing place…put on my "to visit list" Smile
JohnoP 17 2
21 Jan 2014 7:24PM
A stunning portfolio Martin - the landscapes are exceptional. John
11 5.3k 128 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2014 4:41PM
Stunning work, I wish I had come across your work sooner.
5 Aug 2013 9:01PM
Excellent work.
Herrero 9 24 Germany
14 Apr 2013 8:38AM
26 Feb 2013 5:38PM
A great portfolio
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work, having spent some time looking at your portfolio I am instantly humbled that you did.

To echo the statements made here, the standard is certainly set both technically and in inspiration.

Kind regards

martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
13 May 2012 10:36PM
Andy...a wonderful compliment and I am glad I have been able to inspire you. Thanks to for all the lovely comments left on my portfolio Smile

andychatt 11 3 England
7 May 2012 12:28PM
Martin, I first saw your work when i was looking to join a camera club and your images so inspired me then that i joined yours. I am sat with a coffee enjoying your portfolio and i can not believe you have not given up the day job. I have just realised what makes your images so much better than mine (God knows i've tried to learn) - ATMOSPHERE. The penny has dropped. All of your images have fantastic atmosphere.
22 Feb 2012 11:04PM
WOW - stunning PF, there isn't one image on there that didn't blow me away.
Best Wishes
2 Nov 2011 6:18AM
A superb portfolio and varied. Some of the Peak District images will make me go out and look again at the subject matter.


Oh yes it is Grindleford.


Lusitano 12 1 Wales
26 Jul 2011 10:51PM
A pleasure to look at your work, outstanding PF.
27 Jun 2011 3:27PM
A truly fantastic portfolio, my complimentsSmile
acousticmist 12 10 1 United Kingdom
12 Mar 2011 2:19PM
Hi Martin, Just like to say what a fantastic portfolio you have, top notch images, also me and you nearly share the same full name........Nice one Martin
hairymonkey 12 3 1 Wales
4 Feb 2011 8:05PM
What superb Images.... The fact you like one of mine gives me a little hope.... :o)
martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2010 7:15PM
Thanks Joy...glad to see you have joined Ephotozine Smile

Many thanks to all who have spent time leaving comments on my portfolio....they are very much appreciated.

11 Nov 2010 1:51PM
Thank you for recommending me with this site Martin, i had to come & look at your profile and i have to say...your images have delighted me as much as they have depressed me!
Pamella 14 1 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2010 8:59PM
What a superb portfolio..........fantastic!
5 Sep 2010 5:14PM
Stunning. Portfolios like this inspire me and just ocassionally depress me. Will I ever.................................?
Web site looks good.

pcwillows 19 37 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2010 8:51PM
Just put a few votes on some of these images. What a great portfolio. I wish I had the time to go out and shoot stuff like this.
8 Mar 2010 9:42PM
Hi Martin.
As a newcomer many thanks for your vote. Having looked at your brilliant stuff a vote from you counts at least double.
Cheers Michael
iancatch 15 4 45 England
30 Dec 2009 10:49PM
Love the wintry derbyshire landscapes - they are quite brilliant.

Cor 13 Belgium
28 Dec 2009 5:37PM
alighalam 13 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
17 Nov 2009 7:58PM
Amazing portfolio,MARTIN, with many instractive great photos, SUPERB.
HMac 12 Scotland
16 Nov 2009 11:47PM
Hi Martin, Many thanks for your comments. I see what you mean about leaving more space around the tree. I love your portfolio - hopefully one day I might get to this standard - fantastic. Cheers, Heather
PattiW 16 24 2 United States
10 Nov 2009 12:27PM
What an amazingly beautiful PF! Such talent you have with a superior eye for beauty, God bless, Patti
5 Sep 2009 8:54PM
An inspirational portfolio of work Martin, top quality photography throughout, I've enjoyed my time here and look forward to keeping up with your latest shots. Rgds Paul
Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2009 8:35PM
What a great pf, you are a master with wonderful style and an eye for beauty

I have added you on my fav's so will keep popping in

TickRoe 13 3 5 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2009 2:46PM
Some fantastic pics here Martin. Great quality and variety in your portfolio.

martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2009 9:41PM
Arjan, good to hear from you, welcome to Ephotozine. I hope you also got some good shots from the bay.

Many thanks as well to all the kind people that have left comments on my portfolio, very much appreciated. Smile

ArjanvH 13
11 Jun 2009 10:14PM
Hello Martin,
Nice to see the results of your shooting near Ullapool some weeks ago.The skies were more dramatic on the second day, as you wanted them, I also had a look at the Paek-light website. Very nice.
Beautiful portraits of the railway workers!

CaroleA 16 10 3 England
21 Apr 2009 7:37PM
Hi Martin - just been back for another peek 'cos I know I've missed loads along the way. Still that consistency, and now I know just what efforts you go to to get these images, it's even more impressive.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement so far by the way.

vickib 13 6 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2009 6:15PM
If I get to be half as good as this I will be happy, stunning pf
ilann 13 1 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2009 8:32AM
Nice PF - lovely shots, lighting and composition.
28 Mar 2009 7:36PM
Hi just had a look at your PF i can only hope to one day be as good superb. bill.
Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2009 6:10PM
wonderful pf enjoyed taking a look
Linda Smile
sjteague 14 147 1 Wales
6 Feb 2009 11:35PM
A cracking pf you have here...

cassiecat 14 39 46 England
9 Nov 2008 9:35PM
a stunning portfolio, lesley
fatherpie 14 18 12 England
7 Nov 2008 9:43PM
What a treat! Just discovered your PF and what a feast for the eyes - superb doesn't begin to describe your work. Thanks for sharing
28 Oct 2008 8:07PM
Absolutely brilliant portfolio. Very impressed and of course a tad jealous.
C_Daniels 17 399 10 England
6 Aug 2008 12:24PM
Just been browzing through your portfolio again Martin...

What a stunning array of images you've put together which ooze quality and inspiritation...
Done the 20D and later 5D proud Smile
NikkiW 15 33 United Kingdom
30 Jun 2008 8:05PM
a stunning portfolio.......will pop in again for definate...
canongirl08 17 18 United Kingdom
5 May 2008 12:21PM
A stunning Pf You have here Martin....pleasure to view
User_Removed 15 11 11 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2008 7:45AM

Quote:Anyone who has aspirations of becoming a landscape photographer, would do well to stroll through your most impressive portfolio. I have rarely seen a finer selection of work, inspirational indeed...


Ditto - very impressive! Chris C
DiegoDesigns 16 117 6 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2008 7:17PM
Anyone who has aspirations of becoming a landscape photographer, would do well to stroll through your most impressive portfolio. I have rarely seen a finer selection of work, inspirational indeed...

Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2007 11:59AM
Your p/f is full of beautiful, quality images and is a pleasure to look through. I'll keep returning to view your work. Superb.
stevieasp 15 7 England
12 Dec 2007 9:43PM
Hi Martin,
beautiful stuff in your PF.I agree with Neil your work is inspirational, thanks
martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2007 7:29PM
Neil, many thanks for your comment. I'm pleased to be able to inspire you, though judging by your uploads this year our roles will be reversed very soon Smile

Thanks to all that have left comments here, tis very much appreciated.

Neil_Higgins 16 35 3 England
1 Dec 2007 12:42AM
I meant to leave a comment here ages ago, but better late than never ........ it takes dedication and a lot of hard work to get a portfolio as good as yours Martin, and in particular your landscapes have always been an inspiration to me going way back to when i first joined Ephotozine, keep up the great work.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
23 Sep 2007 6:34PM
A splendid PF with quality work throughout covering a variety of subjects.
fentiger 21 920 24 England
2 Jul 2007 5:09PM
I have enjoyed looking at your portfolio showing a great variety of first class work. Well done!

limmy62 15 12 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2007 1:22AM
Hi Martin....Just been 'pottering' through your p/f viewing your images, many of which are stunning, and they certainly have achieved what they set out to do,,portray the Peak District
at its best,
Thanks and keep up the good work.

kevski 15 14 United Kingdom
23 May 2007 8:34PM
Beautifully shot portfolio.
Guernseydan 15 37 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2007 1:56PM
Such an inspirational pf, a pleasure to browse!
RobDougall 15 25 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2007 10:00PM
Really enjoyed a browse through your pf. You have some wonderful landscapes here. I'll be back to look again
Sabreur 17 767 England
7 Jan 2007 9:30AM

Catching up after my holiday, I was reminded how varied your work is.

Your portfolio demonstrates your ability firstly to spot an image, but then to make the most of it.

Best wishes for 2007

KevinGoodchild 20 1.2k 9 England
1 Dec 2006 4:26PM

great portfolio, enjoyed going through it.

thanks for sharing it on EPZ.

Alison_S 16 339 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2006 5:39PM
I always enjoy your work Martin, a beautiful and inspiring portfolio.

kevan 20 447
3 Nov 2006 8:52PM
Some lovely shots there Martin. Good use of colour without being OTT.

22 Oct 2006 9:09PM
Martin, What a beautiful profile! Shan Smile
30 Aug 2006 10:13PM
The Derbyshire shots just confirm what a wonderful place it is. Superb portfolio.
u47sb2 16 36 Scotland
12 Aug 2006 6:30PM
Stunning portfolio! Took me a 1/2 hour to look through the first couple of pages! It's bookmarked for me to revisit when I've got a bit more time. Keep uploading.
chensuriashi Plus
16 334 18 England
6 Aug 2006 12:06PM
Hello Martin I think your work is astonishing and a real treat for the eye thank you for getting so many shots online for us to share.
jobswotter 16 2
5 Aug 2006 9:00PM
Hi Martin - met you last evening on Curbar Edge and had a look at your portfolio tonight. Impressed and envious - wonderful shots sensitively composed and taken with the patience of a dedicated photographer. Wonderful. Hope to see you again. Richard
Slaterm 16 496 1 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2006 12:23PM
fantastic portfolio - pleasure to browse through it. Mark
Toppix 17 56 1 England
14 Jul 2006 7:33AM
A lot of beautiful, well composed landscapes, all looking very natural with true colour. A pleasure to browse through it.
NPHART 16 2 Canada
1 Jul 2006 4:00AM
Outstanding work! Beautiful portfolio.
WayneG 16
25 Jun 2006 2:34PM
Wonderful portfolio. Great landscapes.

Jay44 16 1.4k Wales
18 May 2006 11:06PM
You have a stunning portfolio, it has been a joy to look at all your images. Very inspiring.


CaroleA 16 10 3 England
18 May 2006 10:50AM
Martin: lovely portfolio. As others have said, consistent yet varied.

By the way, you have more mail! I sent it (like last time) to the address on your profile, so if that has changed for any reason this one will disappear into the ether too!
lobsterboy Plus
18 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2006 10:34AM
This portfolio is a home for many very beautiful images.
wyatturp 16 2 England
6 Apr 2006 10:29PM
Had a good time looking at your pictures with my cup of tea, well done super PF.
sprock 19 66 1 United Kingdom
29 Jan 2006 2:28PM
Excellent Images.
User_Removed 18 3.3k Russian Federation
5 Jan 2006 10:57PM
Happy New Year fella... I'm sure your portfolio will continue to get even better in the coming months. ;o)
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
29 Dec 2005 8:50AM
Excellent portfolio - your showcase is stunning and impressively varied!
NorthernEdge 17 535 England
8 Dec 2005 6:54AM
A superb PF with many inspiring images.

Look forward to seeing many more Martin.

Chris Wink
riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
6 Dec 2005 2:16AM
consistently excellent PF both technically and aesthetically

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