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Welcome to my portfolio, and please feel free to have a good look around.

Tell me if you like what you see, and tell me if you don't and why.
Thank you.
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  • Sunrise from Curbar

    Yes it was a bit cold. -3 on top of the Snake and a bit of a breeze too!
    • 3 Feb 2019 9:28PM
  • Bleaklow Dawn

    Thank you.

    Quote:Out on the same morning I see, more snow and a lot more cloud than where I was

    Yes, bit higher up than Curbar!! Wink
    • 3 Feb 2019 8:58PM
  • Trefor Towers

    Thanks folks and thank to Ryan and Andy for your UA's. Much appreciated.
    • 8 Jan 2019 2:03PM
  • Sky Lines....2

    Lovely capture Martin.

    All the best to you and the family for Christmas and the New Year.
    • 24 Dec 2018 12:21PM
  • At The Break Of Day

    All the best to you and yours Ryan.👍🏻
    • 23 Dec 2018 9:18AM
  • In Hope!

    Cheers folks.
    • 22 Oct 2018 1:29PM
  • Snowfall

    Very apt Ron! Shall expect an updated version of this if it comes to you!
    • 26 Feb 2018 12:08PM
  • Spindrift!

    Cheers for the UA Ian, much appreciated
    • 21 Feb 2018 9:15PM
  • Sunrise Surprise

    Got to be in it to win it mate.
    • 16 Feb 2018 3:36PM
  • Winter Illumination

    • 15 Feb 2018 1:04PM
  • Sheffield Cathedral

    Thanks folks and thanks to Andro for the UA.
    • 14 Feb 2018 9:12AM
  • Plant life

    Congrats Ron, extremely well done!
    • 13 Feb 2018 7:17PM
  • Sheffield Cathedral

    Thanks folks.
    • 13 Feb 2018 12:36PM
  • Winter Coat

    • 29 Jan 2018 10:36AM
  • Trees in the Mist

    Thank you! 🙂
    • 31 Dec 2017 4:00PM
  • Dark Summit Alps Chamonix

    Happy New Year Ron!
    • 31 Dec 2017 11:16AM
  • Summer Breeze

    Happy New Year to you as well Martin.
    • 31 Dec 2017 11:12AM
  • Southwold Pier

    Nice one to have in the back catalogue! Merry Christmas to you and your family Martin.
    • 24 Dec 2017 8:46PM
  • That lone tree again...

    Thanks for your support to mate, been much appreciated. All the best to you and yours.
    • 24 Dec 2017 11:32AM
  • Magnificent 7 and a Lancaster

    All the best for Xmas and the New Year Ron.
    • 24 Dec 2017 11:31AM
  • Edge Of Winter

    Merry Christmas to you as well mate, and thank you for your support on my efforts this year, it's been greatly appreciated.
    • 24 Dec 2017 11:30AM
  • Hi!

    Thanks folks.

    Quote:No, He is just in the Christmas spirit wishing you a good one
    Ha, yes, hopefully he was!
    • 21 Dec 2017 9:18AM
  • Cold Outlook

    Pleasure to give you an RC for this one mate. Very nice.
    • 11 Dec 2017 7:22PM
  • Longshaw Spindrift

    Cheers folks and specially those who have bestowed their UA's, much appreciated.
    • 11 Dec 2017 12:32PM
  • Stanage Edge

    Thought of you when I was out on Longshaw on Friday afternoon, and a few images you took several years ago on a dark and windblown morning https://www.ephotozine.com/photo/-10-8106034 as this is exactly how I felt when taking my shot I've just posted!
    • 10 Dec 2017 7:44PM
  • The Big Freeze

    Looks a tad chilly! Hope the arms OK!
    • 10 Dec 2017 7:34PM
  • Colours over Cotton grass

    Mmm, warmth!
    • 10 Dec 2017 7:33PM
  • Ynys Llanddwyn

    My award mate, top shot!
    • 6 Dec 2017 3:47PM
  • Lancaster and Crew

    Well deserved set of awards Ron, congrats.
    • 8 Nov 2017 2:11PM
  • Parkhouse Panoramic

    Cheers folks, and thank you for your UA's, very much appreciated.
    • 23 Oct 2017 2:03PM