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  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-T2 Full Review

    Everything is super quick... and iso performance blows my old Canon 7D out of the water (but, the 7D is a few years old now).
    It's going to take me a while of getting out of editing habits having been with Canon for so long. All I can say is EVERYTHING is sharp... whatever I point this Fuji at Smile
    • 14 Sep 2016 12:48AM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-T2 Full Review

    ...and just as as side note, you can't review this camera on the day of it's release... shoot in sunlight, low light, flash capabilities, night time, different lenses, all of it's available modes, put it through the mill as with any review, show what it CAN do as well as what it CAN'T. Give it to a pro and an enthusiast for a week... see what they do with it and post the samples... just an idea.
    • 9 Sep 2016 2:01AM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-T2 Full Review

    I've been using this today with the 18-55mm and the 100-400mm.
    The camera and kit lens just blows me away, the 100-400m is a beast, straight out of shot jpegs are so sharp and represent what I see with my eyes.

    Maybe after 12 years with shooting with Canon and owninging the 7D for the past 4 years (forever adjusting ISO performance in Lightroom) have pushed me to change and try something different.

    The fact is, is that I relish the challenge of switching systems, I can't afford to buy the latest Canon and the L range lenses , so I spent my money on Fuji (yes I know it's a lot to spend in one go), what difference, although the 100-400mm is big the XT-2 is almost toy like in weight compared to my old 7D, but ISO performance on the XT-2 is rediculous, and also pics have been sharp, sharp, sharp! I guess tech has moved on in the past 4 years. Yes, I could have bought the latest Canon, but I could never have bought the glass to go with it.

    You make your choices and make the best of it, the proof is in the images you present... at the end of the day... (I've been saying this for over a decade)... it's the final image that counts not how you got there Smile
    • 9 Sep 2016 1:36AM

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  • Posted on motorsportpictures's profile

    Hi Scott.

    You can clearly get into good positions for your motorsport shots and as your only fourteen I wouldn't be surprised if when you leave school that you would have a career in automobile photograhpy.

    My big passion is for F1 (sadly never been close enough to get the kind of shots your getting, but hold hope that one day I'll have a decent long lens and a pit lane pass and give the pro photographers a run for their money - I live in hope!).

    Keep up the great work.

    • 7 Jun 2009 1:08AM
  • Posted on annaliese's profile

    All justified comments.

    Outstanding work!

    • 19 Mar 2006 10:36AM
  • Posted on old timer's profile

    To put it in basic terms - you are a top bloke who knows how to use a camera.


    • 10 Dec 2005 12:06PM
  • Posted on keithh's profile

    I 'spose I had to to this at some point, so here goes...

    ...Keith's pictures are really, really good!

    • 11 Mar 2006 12:37PM
  • Posted on answersonapostcard's profile

    Won't harp on 'bout it.
    Yer bloody great - nuff said!


    • 10 Dec 2005 12:10PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Your images are thought-out and powerful. An inspiration to many (not least me).
    Stay safe buddy.

    • 16 Dec 2005 10:39AM
  • Posted on TeresaH's profile

    Your talent for photography is evident in your portfolio Teresa.


    ps. thanks for your support.

    • 5 Dec 2005 12:18PM
  • Posted on lynsfiona's profile

    A portfolio to inspire.

    • 25 Jun 2006 12:35AM

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