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D R E A M - N O T H I N G - M I N I A T U R E -
And Then I Snapped

I'm a recalcitrant guy. A defiant, stubborn and rebellious individual, but one that loves making photographs. I've an irreverent eye and a penchant for using available light, some say my photographs are absorbing and generous, others say I deceit spectators with a delicate and refined play of the imagination.

Always prefering a relaxed approach to making photographs I like to use available light whenever possible. Art nude, fetish and portraits have been the mainstay of my work for some considerable time, but now I like to use other applications like photo-documentary which give my pictures a natural feel and may even have some Cartier-Bresson touches.

I have a sharp eye for detail and often, it has been suggested, an irreverent handling of a subject. I'm beginning to disregard conventional tastes, and some mystery, decadence, and provocative images are emerging into my portfolio - it never ceases to exite me when my images become talked about; whether it's derogative or complimentary. New ideas and group images intrigue me. As William Hogarth provided his 18th century customers with amusing, satirical, and conversation pieces, I want to create pictures that exite people.

I guess the aging process focuses one's mind to some degree. The question, "Why do you take photographs"? Asked by a young journalist last year to be seen attuned to the artistic and emotional issues photography offers had me searching my soul for a respectable response.

Her face was a picture as I regaled how when aiming a camera and pressing the shutter for me it was like a musician sliding a note to create a soul, "I like a bit of imperfection." She smiled, but I interrupted her reply. "It's a game between subject and objective, the instigator and the receiver. And extends to the relationship between photographer and viewer." "Receiver"? She inquired. I smiled.

"A creative act cannot be performed by an artist alone. The spectator brings the work in contact with a wider audience; today a global community, by interpreting it adding their contribution. " "Yeah", she said looking over my shoulder. A youth had just come in to the hotel bar, the type who wears their jeans almost collapsing from the hips, crutch suspended somewhere between the knees. "Oh, please excuse me but I've just seen someone I know, thank you and left. I smiled.

It is not the CAMERA that takes the is the EYE
It is not the camera that FINDS the is the SOUL.

My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission.
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