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Hello!! Thanks for visiting my pages here on EPZ. I hope you like my images and I always appreciate constructive feedback so please feel free to offer comments. You can see more of my work at Light & Life Images (follow the link below) and also follow me on Twitter via @martspic66 and my blog posts via

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  • Its back!

    I got the X100 back from the repair shop on Thursday. It's had its lens unit replaced. Hope it now proves it's worth to me.....0

    10 Feb 2013 5:59PM  |  Read


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  • Winter Wonderland....

    While the nation grinds to a halt under 4" of snow, I thought I would spend an otherwise empty day sat beside the fire and radio, out at Earby's waterfalls and park trying to capture some images. With the X100 in for repairs (!?) it was down to the ...0

    26 Jan 2013 11:48AM  |  Read


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  • My X100

    It was too good to last..... You're on something of a roll, one of those periods where both the inclination and opportunity to do some work is within you and you're inspired get out a create works of art! I was with my new X100. Its a street photog...0

    23 Jan 2013 7:55PM  |  Read


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  • New Website!

    I've spent Christmas creating a web page via Clikpics. My intention was two-fold. To showcase images and to sell images. I am not a professional photographer but I feel I am reaching a standard where people are often very complimentary about my work...0

    3 Jan 2013 6:02PM  |  Read


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