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  • Moving legs/Static legs

    Cheers for your comments. The shot was taken with the camera placed on my knee while i was sitting on a bench. I took a series of pictures on the same theme and was nicely surprised with the results!
    • 11 Aug 2011 9:33PM
  • Model study

    Thanks all for your feedback. You're right. I should have paid more attention to the background!
    • 5 Aug 2011 8:13AM
  • Chocolate orange truffle cake

    Yes i agree with your comments. It's my first go at photographing food. Not quite there yet! The cake was good thoughSmile
    • 5 Aug 2011 8:11AM
  • Hello ladies

    Haha, thanks for the tips. I may decrease the saturation a bit, but really the colours in this part of the world are very strong!
    Ps. This is not my country, although I have been to India a few times and like taking pictures there. I'm from Mauritius- one of the shots in my portfolio was taken from there.
    • 27 Jul 2011 1:06PM
  • 5 people on a motorcycle

    thanks for advice!

    Yes he was the only one wearing protection! and yes they're all on one bike! I was terrified for them. They obviously were not!
    • 25 Jul 2011 1:44PM
  • London Bridge skyline

    Thanks Frank for your mod. I took this picture on program mode and my camera picked up a large aperture. Just noticed this. Do you know why it would do that? I thought large aperture are used just for close ups? In fact now that i think of it, whenever i shoot on p mode my camera always tends to the low f number.

    The tower is called The Shard. It's pyramid-shaped and when completed will be the highest skyscraper in Europe.
    • 24 Jul 2011 9:09PM
  • The Delhi-Jaisalmer Express

    I like the picture because it reminded me of the long journey through the desert and the people i came across in my carriage. I guess the photo for me was more about the experience of it than the subject itself. Either way I have failed to get this across.
    Regarding health and safety I must say it's a different world there. I had the same reaction as Frank when I arrived , but after a while u get used to it. If the landscape had been more dramatic, over a deep cliff for example, and the doors were open, I'm sure you would have tried to get the shot.
    • 23 Jul 2011 11:37AM
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  • Thanks Willie for your suggestion on the red saturation!! i was illuminated by your mod ! I noticed that i was overusing the 'Vivid' colour mode, and now that I have learnt that E 520 tends to oversaturate the reds anyway, everything makes sense. No more vivids for me- at least not for portraits!
  • Hi Pamela- Thanks for taking time to comment on my buddhist flag photo. .Your portfolio is inspiring. . Please feel free to give me more feedback.
  • Thanks for your comments and for uploading the mod.How did you straighten the line while keeping everything else straight?