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A quick view of MattB's recent activity.

  • Gloomy by MartinWait

    If i could only keep one lens ever it would be this one. It just gives such dramatic compositions. This is a great example of the strength of this lens. Nice one!

    All the best
    • 2 Oct 2006 4:05PM
  • The Squint by Skatershrew

    well taken candid. Give him an air of superiority and grandness beyond that which most people might see or appreciate

    • 8 Jul 2006 7:39PM
  • 'Shell on the Naze' by dp

    the abstract converging lines make this a really intruiging image that keeps you looking!

    Nice one Dave

    • 8 Jul 2006 7:37PM
  • Mynydd Llangorse to Mynydd Troed by eos3

    these two make a very fine run when i feel i have it in my legs to make it! Lovely image of a lovely spot

    • 8 Jul 2006 7:33PM

    have 30 on me! Lovely stuff as normal J. You have a way of making cold look very warm!

    • 8 Jul 2006 7:31PM
  • Fleeting light by MattB

    Many thanks for the kind words folks. Glad the yorkshire light appeals to you too!

    • 8 Jul 2006 7:27PM
  • Mono Landscape by Mono

    I di this. I'll keep an eye out for the tutorial.

    All the best

    • 8 Jul 2006 6:07PM

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  • Posted on redstag's profile

    After reading the comments on your 'old man borders' posts....Was going to write this there but i think it's better said here.

    Definately do it for yourself first Jon, and the site second! Getting critique is a good way to learn but dont let it be the driving force in your photography! I mean, a pro might have to conform to certain standards to make a living but the rest of us can focus on making images of things that we like, in the way we like!

    For what its worth i happen to really rate your highly varied style! Both technically high quality AND very interesting. It would be dead boring if we all posted the same images!

    Keep on keeping on my friend!

    all the very best

    • 8 May 2006 1:44PM
  • Posted on Marian's profile

    You have an eye for the real moments that are so rarely captured in wildlife shots. It gives each subject a real sense of character and the viewer is drawn in even further than just appreciating the superb camera work. A fine talent indeed!

    • 13 Apr 2006 2:10PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    Some very brilliant stuff here. The sort of shots I really aspire to but only get once in a blue moon! God, I wish i didn't live in a city!

    Happy snapping!
    • 4 Mar 2006 3:26AM
  • Posted on dp's profile

    Some really fine images here Dave. I especially like your coastal landscapes. I really wish I had more chances to visit such venues, stuck here in Leeds is no place for a lover of Landscape photography! I look forward to enjoying more of your work as you post it.

    All the best

    • 9 May 2006 12:37PM
  • Posted on Chris_H's profile

    I've very much enjoyed your portfolio and I have to say that I aspire to take landscapes as good as these too one day! Practice i guess... Thanks Chris.
    • 6 Feb 2006 1:20AM
  • Posted on martin-g's profile

    You show my favorite hills and mountains in a most beautiful way. Maybe the welsh toursit board need a few of your captures to replace some of the dross they seem to want to use to advertise our gorgeous end of the country.

    I'll be back for more

    Good stuuf

    • 5 Mar 2006 8:36AM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Is it ok if i just leave one big click here! Your images are truly top class. I shall enjoy looking at your new stuff as you post it.

    • 6 May 2006 9:38AM

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