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A quick view of MattGrayson's recent activity.

  • Good Bye

    Love the shot. I'll take a look into your issue for you.
    • 16 Apr 2010 9:03AM
  • *****

    Please make sure you add an adult tag for shots like this in the future. Smile
    • 16 Apr 2010 9:02AM
  • Cinderella

    If you shoot in Raw, you can make a copy of the images and adjust the exposure before merging. It's not perfect but can work.
    • 15 Apr 2010 2:25PM
  • Kidds Play

    Lucky fella! good that you got her to pose too and not just walking past you.
    • 14 Apr 2010 10:07AM
  • nat

    what an incredibly sensuous shot. nicely done.
    • 8 Apr 2010 10:56PM
  • Bethany - Goddess of Wind

    I would expect a photograph of this quality to be in a publication such as Harpers Bazaar. Smile
    • 16 Feb 2010 10:22AM
  • 15

    Beautiful shot, well executed. Smile
    • 28 Dec 2009 10:41PM
  • I'm on tenterhooks. I've not seen you around for a while and I know you're about to post something awesome.... Wink
  • Hi! I met you at Focus. I'm fantastic.

    Nice start to your portfolio Danny, looking forward to seeing more. Smile
  • Congratulations on getting your work in Feb 2008 Outdoor Photography. And thanks for the ePz mention. Smile
  • You have an outlandish sense of humour and creative streak which seem to be able to co-exist in your head leading to professional looking portraits that wouldn't go amiss in Bizarre magazine to name but one. Congratulations on a superb set of images. You are definitely on my Favourites list.