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  • I'm surprised no-one has commented on the new system. What do you all think of it? It's a nice camera, meant to be accessible for the newcomer to DSLR quality and features.

    My preview is here:

    Sony NEX-5 hands on preview
  • Have you seen our recent news story that they're planning on putting clause 43 back in if they get in power again?
    Clause 43 gone, but not forgotten
  • A full review will be up later. Smile
  • I use the Manfrotto 190CX Pro4 but the 055CX Pro is a good one too. The CX range are the Carbon Fibre and the Pro ones also have a carbon fibre centre column. The plates are magnesium. On my 190CX I have a 486 RC2 ball head

    Manfrotto 055CX Pro3

    Manfrotto 190CX Pro4 & 486 RC2

    Should come into budget... just.Wink

    Giottos are pretty good though so check them out too.Smile

  • Quote:I'm having so much fun with a new Polaroid App for my iphone, took these this morning on our Sunday morning walk around town (Vilnius).

    Whats the app called? I could only find ShakeIt.

  • Quote:We live in one of these Grin

    The houses, the boats or the water?Tongue
  • Yes, the K-7 is the highest spec Pentax with a crop sensor and it makes sense to compare it with the EOS 7D and D300/D300s from that point-of-view.

    However, if I were to go into a shop and I was looking for a camera, I would have a certain amount of money to spend so would look at like for like cost wise. I think that's more relevant these days and it's how I try to base the comparisons. Of course the piggin' prices are up and down like a yo yo and it's hard to keep track. I may compare two cameras and by the time I'm finished, the prices are radically different. WinkSmile

    Regarding previous posts, I'm always unbiased and it upsets me when people think I'm not. If a Canon wins it's because it performed the best in that test. If a Pentax wins, it's because it performed the best in that test...

    Anyway, I've kept it minimal so it's the Pentax K-7 vs the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII and Hasselblad H4D. I hope no-one has an issue with that?WinkWinkWinkWink

  • Quote:Lost interest in the K7, Mr Grayson?

    No word from you for six days. Were we wasting our time giving you our comments?

    On the contrary, I've been collating the information in between doing my reviews. I wanted something solid to say to you before I posted, but hey, I'm here now... Wink
    I'm in the process of asking a couple of retailers the same questions before I make the decision. It'll probably include the Olympus and EOS 50D. The Nikon D300 looks like it's on the verge of being discontinued and the D300s is too expensive. Smile
  • Hi everyone, I just posted a comment in the Pentax forum but thought I'd open it up to a wider audience for a different perspective. I'm planning a comparison test involving the K-7 and was thinking of a head to head with one other or maybe two others. I have the Olympus E-30 in mind, do you think this is fair given the sensors?
    If you were in the market for a DSLR at the K-7 level and had no company bias or loyalty, which other models would you be looking at with the K-7?

    Thanks in advance. Smile
  • Hi everyone,
    I have the K-7 in the office at the moment and I'm planning a comparison test between one or two other models. I was thinking about the Olympus E-30 but thought I'd ask the Pentax people on the site.
    Which DSLRs do you think are the closest matches to the K-7?
  • welcome to the site. Smile

  • Quote:Dam wasn't meant to post that just yet was I

    Your ePHOTOzine pen, as chewed by Tricia, is on it's way! Wink
  • Neither is the E3, grip and 12-60mm lens.

    Or do I needs me spinachsk? Smile

    I would've suggested looking at the E-30 as I think it delivers slightly more than the E-3 but I use both happily and they're both very good. I like the E-30 more because it has more advanced noise control due to being newer. I don't think you'll be unhappy, though.
  • It's a similar size and weight to the A500 which we've just compared to the Canon EOS 50D and Nikon D90 .

    On the surface, just looks to have a higher res (14Mp) and higher fps (7). Sensor is a fraction larger, but still APS-C.


  • Quote:we are filling Santa's sack with hot offers

    That's wrong on so many levels.

    Seriously, though, there's some really cool stuff up for grabs, which annoys me because I'm not allowed to enter... Wink
  • I've been on Net-Model for years but the other day I contacted James to close my account because I couldn't get a reliable model from the site. I'm a member of Purestorm and I find it easy to use but never tried to get anyone from it. I've used model mayhem and had a few good shoots from it. I've never used Net-Portfolio because the free account only allows one search per month which i think is a bit crappy. Smile
  • Lute
  • I thought Sid james and the gang were reforming... Wink

    Try this:

    Kata PR 460
    Designed to fit the luggage spec, 1.5kg, can take up tp 300mm lenses.
  • The Pentax K-x review is finished. Smile

    Pentax K-x review
  • I have the Pentax K-x in for review. I'm currently working on it so keep focused on the review section for updates... Smile

    Give me a click!
  • The R1900 is a great printer. Smile
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions, the talk was very successful and I'll be posting the interview shortly. Smile

  • Quote:Is EPZ going to have a review on 7D anytime soon?

    I spoke to Canon yesterday, they've none in stock at the moment, but I'm on the list. Smile
  • If you point your mouse to the top of the frame, a blue grid will highlight around it and the image can be pulled away to create a separate window. However, look at the tab of the image and a dedicated x is available to close down the image. Smile
    • Made on cs4
    • by TRUEX
    • 29 Sep 2009 3:27PM
  • Hi everyone,
    I have a meeting with one of the Directors for Ilford and Harman, on Thursday, and wondered if there's any burning questions related to the industry that you'd like to know that I could ask him on your behalf?
    The questions need to be related to Ilford, Harman or the film/inkjet industries.

    Post them here and I'll pick them up before I go.

  • Call Samsung, they may oblige...
  • Good point.

    With regards to the colours, the Japanese have gone wild for the coloured cameras, hence the multiple choice in Japan only. The GH1 is a nice colour but isn't as harsh a red. Personally, I'm a black camera guy and I'm not really keen on alternative colours.
  • All quiet about the Pentax K-x DSLR camera , is no-one bothered? I've done a preview of it and it doesn't look at all bad.

    What's your thoughts?
  • Well they've just launched the K-x but it's a lower model.
  • Congratulations! Smile