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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I am based in Cornwall, and specialize in photographing my local landscapes and wildlife of the West Country
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A quick view of mattw's recent activity.

  • Field of dreams

    The dark frame created by the leaves and fence work really well
    • 8 Jul 2020 11:11PM
  • Stormy sunset

    Got to love the mood - and those reflections caught in the wet sand. Wonderful!
    • 8 Jul 2020 11:06PM
  • silver-washed fritillary

    Fantastic detail!
    • 3 Jul 2020 4:41PM
  • Water Bubbles

    Eye catching comp and love the funky background colour
    • 28 Jun 2020 10:57PM
  • Esapekka Lappi & Janne Ferm (Citroen C3 WRC)

    Fantastic background and setting for the action
    • 10 Jun 2020 3:06PM
  • Night Drive

    You have lit your model very well - in fact its only really the windscreen wipers which give the game away!
    • 27 May 2020 12:43PM
  • blue percher dragonfly

    Amazing insect - and well photographed too!
    • 23 May 2020 1:11PM
  • Hello Chris,

    You have some prommising work in your Portfolio, of which you should be rightly proud. I wish you lots of enjoyment and luck in your photographic journey.

    You asked me about the Tamron 17-35mm lens. I have found this lens to execlent value for money, and a very good alternitive to the Canon 17-40 F4L if you can't quite afford the Canon. The improvement is quality over the kit lens should be very apparent.

    From some of your descriptions, I am not sure if you have a tripod or not. If you do not have ne, then I cannot recomend enouph that you buy one asap.

    • Posted on ChrisIW's profile
    • 13 Dec 2005 5:13AM
  • One of the most eye catching and imaginative portfolios on here. Simply stunning.

    I will be putting a link to your website on my site

  • Superb collection of images. Your compositions are strong, and your lighting is invarably superb.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Posted on Westers's profile
    • 8 Dec 2005 4:26AM
  • Hello Geoff, good to bump into you on Sunday. You a have some really great photo's in your portfolio.

    I tried the New Forrest - but the fog was clearing really fast by the time we got there.