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This is an excellent site . I've made so many friends . Quite a few personally . There is a whole pile of help and learning on ePHOTOzine. xx
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A quick view of Mavis's recent activity.

  • Bird On an Old Root by Daisymaye

    I just love this wee bird,s perch Love his bright eye , looks like a chaffinch but maybe Winkcalled something else over the pond xxWink
    • 30 May 2017 12:11AM
  • Egret at Point Fermin Tidal Pool by gajewski

    Wonderful photography Walter. The Egret is so Elegant xx
    • 29 May 2017 11:34PM
  • Three little girls in blue by Mavis

    Quote:Beautiful shot. Thanks Walter so kind of you to give me a precious UA


    • 29 May 2017 11:30PM
  • Tree shadows by BillRookery

    A wonderful sky in this Spring scene
    • 29 May 2017 9:52PM
  • Siesta... by Giorgie0

    Lovely golden evening light reflected in the water
    • 29 May 2017 9:38PM
  • 6 Month old by netta1234

    A very Happy Elsie Netta . A fine portrait xxWink
    • 29 May 2017 8:37AM
  • Anglsey Abbey by Mavis

    Helen Linda I didn't realise it was on the National trust Membership cards this year . I don't belong because it isn't often I get taken to NT places & I don't drive Smile
    Thank you all for your welcome back & Moira for her precious award xx
    • 14 May 2017 9:37AM
  • Crete in October .

    Jules you ain't allowed anywhere out of the country not as I know where you off to in a few weeks.....You lucky devil you...... I was trying to convince Andrew to take m...
    by Mavis | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 3
  • Photo Gallery

    Ray T.Y:)))) My first submission to this e-mag is "sunrise over surfers" on page I think any event is on the page B4 that famous parrot which is on page 5 ....
    by Mavis | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Portrait by Barry

    Dear Barry, I have tried to send you an email to congratulate you on your very different Portrait but you haven't given enough detail for me to send you an email . Regard...
    by Mavis | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 0
  • Thumbnail photos

    Dear Alan or Flashman, I know how frustrated you must feel , I've sneaked up on the bloomin' computer at all hours and never a flash ( sorry) from hardly anyone . I can s...
    by Mavis | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 24
  • Scanners

    I know what you mean Mavis. Isn't it terrible to have a hobby that you love dearly and can't run right out and get all the goodies for it. I seem to get things a piece at...
    by Mavis | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Posted on: The ePHOTOzine book project

    This book is taking an awful long time Pete . Can we hope to see it in the near future ?
    • 25 Apr 2006 8:35PM

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  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    Dear Carol ,
    I felt most honoured to receive a UA from you . Put a smile on my face . Thank you so much . Love Maeve xx
    • 2 Sep 2013 9:20AM
  • Posted on robincoombes's profile

    I love trains . Especially Steam Trains . Your Portfolio is spectacular and well worth a second, or even 3rd look . Smile
    • 21 Aug 2007 9:38AM
  • Posted on user_absconded's profile

    Love your banner Lydia . Your portfolio is enteraining and so different . xx
    • 17 Dec 2005 11:19PM
  • Posted on IanA's profile

    Always admired your work Ian . Must learn how to do this banner on the top . Yours is amazing .
    • 14 Dec 2005 1:45PM
  • Posted on johnjohn01's profile

    Every time I look at your work John I am confronted by these feet relaxing in the sunshine .!! Does make me smile , nothing I would like better .

    You have a great range of stunning work which is a pleasure to view . xx
    • 23 Jan 2006 12:10AM
  • Posted on piccy's profile

    Your portfolio is well worth a visit . I am impressed with the quality and sharpness of your work .
    • 30 Jun 2006 7:49PM
  • Posted on shane's profile

    Hi Shane , just been through your Portfolio . How you have grown photographically since first joining EPZ !! SAome really wonderful work xxx A joy to see .
    • 1 Nov 2006 8:35AM
  • Posted on daringdaphne's profile

    A lovely portfolio Daphne and so varied . Never know what gem from the past I will be looking at next !! xx
    • 10 Mar 2006 11:34PM
  • Posted on Maddie's profile

    An eye catching Banner Maddie. You have some interesting and unusual images in your portfolio
    • 18 Dec 2005 12:18AM
  • Posted on lifesnapper's profile

    Love your work and your sentiments John . xx
    • 30 Jun 2006 7:51PM
  • Posted on Rachelscott's profile

    Hi Rachael,

    Your Gallery is really outstanding . Just made me gasp looking at thequality and variety . xx
    • 5 Mar 2007 10:55PM
  • Posted on redstag's profile

    Lovely work in your Portfolio Jon .Such colour and detail . A joy to wander through your images . xx
    • 20 Sep 2006 6:35PM
  • Posted on John_Duckett's profile

    A wonderful portfolio John . It is a pleasure to view .
    • 1 Feb 2006 3:48AM
  • Posted on glazzaro's profile

    Greg when I think of bird photo perfection I think of you .I would love to see you in action . All your work is first class and a pinnacle to reach for .
    Good luck with Wildlife around your New Home xx
    • 11 Jan 2006 10:26PM
  • Posted on Dotrob's profile

    Wonderful landscapes Dot . Enjoy every one of them . I love your Banner, could we also have that one on to comment on ?
    • 23 Jan 2006 12:25AM
  • Posted on IanA's profile

    How the heck you do it I don't know Ian . Your moving Banner is fantastic . xx
    • 18 Dec 2005 8:07AM
  • Posted on riprap007's profile

    Like your banner. Your images are different and well worth viewing
    • 17 Dec 2005 11:34PM
  • Posted on John_Wannop's profile

    Your Portfolio is amazing John . It is like dipping into a box of chocolates . Don't know which to comment on first . Could be here all day . xx
    • 10 Dec 2006 9:40AM
  • Posted on MoWiz's profile

    Love your portfolio Mo. The banner is great . I can see your fondness for that lighthouse .
    • 26 Jan 2006 8:42AM
  • Posted on dden's profile

    Love you PF . Your Butterfly images are excellent . Some breath taking .
    • 10 Aug 2006 5:05AM
  • Posted on taggart's profile

    Love your Ice cream Banner Jenn. Such great photos in your portfolio and I feel you are my friend even so far away .xx
    • 18 Dec 2005 8:03AM
  • Posted on Maddie's profile

    What an amazing collection you have Maddie . You certainly know how to take a good photo . Just love your portfolio xx
    • 6 Jul 2006 9:19PM
  • Posted on cdm36's profile

    Love your Banner . Like your varied portfolio even more . So sharp clear and colourful . xx
    • 29 Dec 2005 1:03PM

Limited to latest 30 results.