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Welcome to my portfolio & thanks for taking the time to look! I hope you see something you like. Let me have any comments you might have (good or bad) as it all helps me improve!! Cheers, Chris.
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A quick view of mcgannc's recent activity.

  • Tongue out...

    Thank you very much to Suzicoo for your UA, much appreciated Grin

    • 3 Mar 2013 10:53PM
  • Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus)

    My observation here is that the noise reduction/sharpen details work that has been done on this detracts from the final image. I know it's difficult when you need to crop, however if you know this when taking the shot then it's worth seeing what you can do to limit the noise you will get...knowing that it will be exaggerated when you crop in.

    I noticed that your shutter speed looked a bit high and it made me think that you may get away with a slower speed - say 250 or 125 maybe. And also the aperture may possibly have been a bit larger - say 5.6. All this would allow to reduce the iso to a maximum of 1000 (potentially lower) and therefore reduce the amount of noise to remove. Obviously I don't know what the light was like for you but I know you've talked in the forums about noise so thought this might be a useful observation.

    There's another shot that was uploaded recently that shows these sorts of settings and what can be achieved. I'm not saying the other shot is perfect, and it looks like they may have been much closer than you were to your subject but the exif info may be useful for you.

    • 2 Mar 2013 5:42PM
  • 'Under the Bridge'

    Works well, good title too!
    • 25 Feb 2013 11:52PM
  • illuminating...

    Just a shame it wasn't slightly wider...could've had a nice v-shaped composition of both streets, which is what I was really after Sad

    • 19 Feb 2013 1:36PM
  • Twinkle, Twinkle...

    Good point aid, just added a mod Smile
    • 17 Feb 2013 6:58PM
  • Nice curves...

    Yeah, I've got a couple at wide as I go at the minute!!

    4yrs I've lived over these parts and that's the first time...shocking isn't it!
    • 17 Feb 2013 6:52PM
  • Lines, lines, lines...

    You weren't when I started the 3 just got the last couple of seconds of the final exposure Wink
    • 17 Feb 2013 6:51PM
  • Excellent & varied pf, not enough clicks in my view!

    • Posted on Britman's profile
    • 14 Mar 2009 3:22PM
  • You're work is absolutely stunning, massively inspiring for beginners like me!

    • Posted on chris-p's profile
    • 12 Mar 2009 9:13PM
  • Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your kind words on my pf, it means a lot coming from someone with such a great set of work! You too have less clickes than your images deserve!

  • Great PF Penny, great example of the quality that exists on this website!

  • Hi Neil,

    Just got to say what a great PF you have, certainly gives a beginner like me something to aspire to... although let down by the fact you're a Man U fan Wink

  • Thanks for the kind comments and votes on my pf - you too have a very good pf - keep up the good work!

  • Would comment on individual pics Ian but they're all fantastic so would be here all night!! Love the variety, and the lighting you bring into the shots, some really superb perspectives as well!

    A joy to look at mate!

    Chris. (P.S. I'm quite jealous of your Iron Men shots!!)
    • Posted on newy17's profile
    • 3 Jan 2009 6:29PM