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A quick view of mckenna__bee's recent activity.

  • Autumn Light by hary60

    All beautiful images very well captured. Love the colours, can't decide whether I like V1 or 2 better, both are stunning, well done!
    • 15 Nov 2009 9:30PM
  • PERFECT STORM by Imagephotographics

    Wow, incredibly dramatic and powerful. Really love this, well done!
    • 15 Nov 2009 9:28PM
  • purity. by mckenna__bee

    thankyou very much for your comments, and thanks for the help Ray! I definitely see what you mean! I'll keep that in mind for next time Smile
    • 30 Aug 2009 9:23PM

    Lovely images, very well composed, v1 and v3 are both beautiful!
    • 28 Aug 2009 5:11PM
  • Holly by mark2uk

    Congratulations, and what a gorgeous baby! This image really gets the aww factor! Lovely picture Smile
    • 27 Aug 2009 6:24PM
  • The Old Wagon by unicorn10

    Great shot, and brilliant detail, well done!
    • 27 Aug 2009 6:23PM
  • Box And Two Bottles by PeterBee

    I agree, the sepia really adds to the effect. Very vintage looking, what a great shot, love it!
    • 27 Aug 2009 6:22PM
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  • Posted on francisg's profile

    Wow, looking at your portfolio and I must say it's brilliant!
    You have a collection of really lovely photos, you're very talented.

    Thankyou for your comment! Smile
    • 9 Aug 2008 8:16PM
  • Posted on gary_d's profile

    Thankyou very much for the help, I'll definitely give you a message when I can! Smile
    • 7 Aug 2008 7:06PM
  • Posted on peterzed's profile

    Hello Peter,

    Thankyou very much for the comment on my picture, the tips and advice. Definitely made me feel more optimistic about my photos in future!
    I don't just yet have an SLR, but my birthday is in September and I've been asking for one for a while now. I know it'll make a difference to my photos and I can't wait to have one!
    Love your portfolio, your photographs are all so interesting and the colours look gorgeous.
    Thanks again,
    • 6 Aug 2008 10:44AM

Limited to latest 30 results.