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A quick view of MeanGreeny's recent activity.

  • The Old Pier

    Not that jetty [pier] again ~yawn~
    • 6 Oct 2011 5:12PM
  • Sad Event...

    Never got to take a photo of this particular cliche but no problem, I'll just 'shop one in :o)

    Still a good picture without though
    • 1 Jun 2011 2:17PM
  • Against The Wind

    Must have been Jura farting
    • 19 Mar 2011 1:35PM
  • Floral Montage

    I love this set of images. It might be better balanced if the right hand image was in the centre [and vice versa] ?
    • 11 Mar 2011 10:00AM
  • Crosby Stills ...

    Quote:That was one hell of a day for you Paul ... Showing your age a bit, with a title like thatTongue

    I resemble that remark Grin

    Crosby Stills
    • 27 Feb 2011 11:09PM
  • Industrial Dawn

    Thank you Saeid and John
    • 24 Feb 2011 5:54PM
  • Without Pier

    Thank You Trev and Saeid

    Jeanie - I suppose they did whimper a little before moving into the correct spot Smile
    • 22 Feb 2011 10:46AM
  • Beautiful, imaginative and different.

    Enjoyed your lecture last night - they look even better when viewed for real. Handing them around the audience is an inspired touch which adds much to the evening. Thanks.
  • A set of images to be proud of Steve
    • Posted on stevie's profile
    • 11 Jan 2009 5:51PM