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What can I tell about myself?... Iím cool dad, thatís my thang. Iím hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face?

When you get out there, bear in mind that success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail

And last but not least, never forget... the most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you, if you just lower your expectations

(Quotes by Phil Dunphy Wink )

Hope you enjoy having a stroll around my pages. Have a look through my favorites album. Very beautiful and inspirational photography. You won't regret it
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  • Ampficar

    brings back childhood memories. Back in the day (only 1 tv channel I think, still black and white) we had a hugely popular (teenager) series "Captain Zeppos". The good captain used one of these during his adventures to catch thieves, hoodlums, and swindlers Grin
    • 3 Apr 2021 4:34PM
  • Frequency separation?

    Thinking "ladyshave anno 1600" Blush
    but it's an excellent photo. As if I'm watching a dramatic sequence in a play. And I'm a fan of the more natural female look Blush
    • 3 Apr 2021 4:07PM
  • "hey you". Frank Reid Image Editor JPIMedia Ltd

    strong moment. and a bit of an ugly moment
    • 3 Apr 2021 3:56PM
  • N.

    Had to squeeze myself under a (ugly) wooden table (top and bottom frame are parts of the table) for folding washed clothes to be able to get this shot Grin
    Also used a bit of a different conversion filter (blue I think) in nik efex, which gives her a darker complexion. She's actually holding the collar of her jacket (which explains the clenched fists). Don't think the collar holding is coming across very well tbh.
    Thanks James, Robert, Bill and Leonid for the award. And thanks for the nice comments Smile
    • 3 Apr 2021 3:39PM
  • It's all about the money money money

    Again apologies for this late comment Blush
    Thanks a million for that HC Smile
    Keith and Ollie, cheers for the UA
    And thanks for viewing/voting/commenting

    You're giving away your age Robert Wink
    it's a reference to a Jessie J. song (price tag) Tongue
    • 3 Apr 2021 3:30PM
  • N.

    Been more off than on the site the past month. Busy times Blush
    (belated) Thanks for your user awards Ron, Robert, David and, well, David Grin
    Also thanks for taking the time to view and comment, especially Robert Smile
    • 3 Apr 2021 3:22PM
  • Cool and the gang

    love the fifth one smiling at you. That's a proper smile Smile
    • 21 Mar 2021 10:21PM
  • great! this is just like seeing an old girlfriend again after many years, and getting that warm, mushy feeling inside when you realize she's still as ugly as she used to be Grin
    • Posted on POOCHIE's profile
    • 13 Jul 2008 3:22PM
  • Rumour has it that you eloped with Georgie ?! And still no new upload !? Could it be true then ?!
  • lol @ Joe
  • At the time I worked for a belgian tour operator Jill. I could work on my own and it gave me the chance to see a bit more of the world, but not as a tourist. 3 years (or rather summer seasons) I worked in Turkey, near Antalya. I knew one of Mr. Yildiz' daughters through work, and since we lived in the same local village I often was a guest at their home. As his daughters had grown up in Germany, we communicated in German (apart of course from the desperate glimpses from my side and their teasing winks in return lol).
    Anyway, since about 5 years I live in Thailand and work in Bangkok for the Belgian govenment.
    Regrettably I never used my live abroad to its full potential from the photographic point of view. No EPZ at the time :o)
    By the way, I believe photos are more often a distortion of reality than a true reflection of it, a bit like memories I guess. For example people seeing my photos might be misled into thinking that I have a wonderfull happy life and am to be envied lol. But it doesn't quite work like that, does it ? ;o)
    Thanks for your nice comment(s) by the way Jill. Appreciate it a lot.