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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Reflection by MNPHOTO

    this is such a super lovely photographSmile there are just marvelously sweet things you can say about it. it is the most adorable doggy, photographed in such a vulnerable sleepy kind way. exposed spot on (with all the blacks around- quite something). i love everything about it - colours, feel, depth of field... so lovelySmile
    • 2 Nov 2008 10:33PM
  • Horse in the hedgerow by fo_to

    lovely lovely lovely ... greenness and the amazing shade of the brown work beautifully... it would be amazing not to see the mesh, but this is obviously not down to you.... on the contrary you made it work amazing... i realy like itSmile >'.'< .
    • 4 Feb 2007 8:20PM
  • 3 teeth or more>'.'< . by meeaoo

    thank youSmile
    • 4 Feb 2007 2:09PM
  • with a cup by meeaoo

    thank you guysSmile
    • 4 Feb 2007 2:08PM
  • nt by nid28

    it is hard for me to find right words at the moment but i did not want to leave without letting you know that it really deserves noticing.. thumbnail doesnt give it enough justice .... really nice work....>'.'
    • 29 Jan 2007 8:28PM
  • At the Market by kadisu

    if i could a would sprinkle the entire photo with those blue hearts to tell you how much i like itSmile really>'.'
    • 24 Jan 2007 10:23PM
  • Sleeping Like a Baby by Jennie277

    made me tilt my head and smile .. so nicely genuineSmile really like it! and the little description as wellSmile>'.'
    • 24 Jan 2007 10:21PM
  • Flame by oldgreyheron

    your portfolio seems a little too underappreciatedSadsuch a shame. there should be a big big bowl of little blue hearts waiting for you. there is definitevely one from meSmile >'.'
    • 24 Jan 2007 10:05PM
  • HIgh jump by Reliant

    i really like the way you captured the nanosecond of a moment where the doggy looks at you this waySmile
    • 19 Mar 2008 12:57PM
  • Benny by zirgle

    such a beautiful genuine honest photoSmile love it.. and you captured much mcuh more than just a sparkle in the eye. defenitely deserves a treat in a shape of a little blue heartSmile >'.'< .
    • 11 Dec 2006 9:59PM
  • Sal by Sunlight 2 by YvonneKTurner

    this is my favourite oneSmile i loved the moment when i opened your portfolio and the little thumbnails looked like jewels waiting to be chosen for a new beautiful pieceSmile >'.'
    • 4 Aug 2006 6:51PM
  • A bit of peacock by barrywebb

    oh la la, i like it tremendously!!! i am definitely going to come back to your portfolioSmile >'.'< .
    • 3 Aug 2006 10:26PM
  • I love Mexico! by beriah

    you surprised me againSmile i am absolutely sure that this photo could not have been taken any better! the composition is fabulous and the framing is perfectSmile >'.'< .
    • 4 Jul 2006 9:20PM
  • Damara Dik-dik by Lutz

    you made it such a incredible portrait! looks like a figurine so fragile and charmingSmile
    • 4 Jul 2006 9:16PM
  • Guards' Horses by Jwren

    it is one of those fantastic photos where you can make your eyes wander around and discover more and more bits... like the horses' eyes looking at different things ,like their muzzies shaped funnily, and like the beautiful touch of yellow and red here and thereSmile
    like it! >'.'< .
    • 4 Jul 2006 7:58PM
  • Ambush! by c_evans99

    me likey so so much especially with the poemSmile both brought back a smile on my faceSmile thank youSmile >'.'< .
    • 4 Jul 2006 7:53PM
  • the man in the boat... by SoupyD

    you deserves all sweet likable comments on thatSmile im glad that some people who has not visited your portfolio before, thanks to this image, will see your other great photosSmile >'.'
    • 29 Jun 2006 8:05PM
  • finger boquet by tarara

    i love the diversity of your portfolio... you made my curiosity grow bigger and biggerSmile definitely will be back to see moreSmile and i cant lie about this: the moment i clicked on the thumbnail of this photo i have received excactly the same feeling like when i open a box of chocolatesSmile >'.'
    • 28 Jun 2006 1:27PM
  • Marvin & Ludwig by dj.lambert

    smile was inevitableSmile it already occured when i saw the thumbnail... then i think i giggledSmile
    • 28 Jun 2006 12:56PM
  • Newlyweds by brianwould

    if i was a cubic cubed shaped tiny but strong and invincible ice cube living somewhere just behind polar's bear ear in the deep deep freezing icebergland... i would still MELT after seeing this photograph. i bet even my eyelashes would have to dissolveSmile
    ps. truly genuine happiness captured as kindly.
    • 13 Jun 2006 11:42AM
  • I shall be beautiful by beriah

    i know that i have already scratched my throat saying that aloud to the screen, but i must say this : YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS TO ME ARE FAR TOO GOOD TO MAKE THEM "look" BETTER ADDING THE FRAMESSmile on the other hand you have tripled mountains of images in my head by titling the rose like that! it is more than a cherry on top of a dessertSmileit is brilliantSmile
    • 13 Jun 2006 11:20AM
  • Secret Wispers! by nikonneil

    love it!!! genuinely, i really wish one day i could take pictures like this one... mine seem to be so.. domesticSmile i really think it is a brilliant photoSmile
    • 10 Jun 2006 12:25PM
  • nap time by beriah

    this photo is extremely appealing to me... it has suddenly warmed the tips of my fingers ... very oddly and pleasantlySmilei am so glad i visited your photoland since i have never experienced such funny feeling beforeSmile
    • 4 Jun 2006 9:12AM
  • Impecable The Chaffinch by hionikon

    oh... you must be so proud of the pictureSmile and i love the way the birdy posed for you almost as if it was standing on its toes to look more prettySmile
    • 29 May 2006 12:32PM
  • Shadows by gnospellius

    like it the way it is.. couldnt take my eyes of the grass.. like it ..
    • 28 May 2006 12:16PM
  • The Collie's Rave by Sus

    i cannot believe nobody clicked they liked that photo yet!!! for crying out loudSmile ive got 2 doggies and have never ever been so lucky to capture them being so crazySmileby the way, it feels so .... hmmm.... so... it feels like that chocolate surprise egg to open your portfolio... full of diversity and it just oozes with curiosity of yours to discover t h i n g sSmile me likey
    • 28 Mar 2006 11:29AM
  • Dog's perspective by JuliaHolland

    it is a cherry on top of your portfolio, really my favouriteSmile
    • 28 Mar 2006 10:19AM
  • Maggie by vickifrance

    me likeyTongue
    • 27 Mar 2006 8:32AM
  • Meow by brianwould

    oh mamma mia! isnt this cat the squishest looking ever? oh, softiest! and i am sure that when it purrs lying on the cushions in the bedroom the birch trees in the garden have no choice but let go of their leaves immediately... and if there was an apple tree it would also tremble the fruit straight down into the wicker baskets, just like that..... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr
    • 8 Oct 2007 11:12PM
  • another poppy by snapper036

    so so lovely... dreamy elusive... delicate... floating away.... beautifully framed... you showed this simple flower in its incredible best..Smile>'.'< .
    • 22 Aug 2007 1:06PM