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Hi and thanks for viewing my photos. Started off with a Panasonic lumix tz 18 but following a recent photography course am now using my Canon 450D with, hopefully ,more competence and some good shots. Please feel free to comment as I am still an enthusiastic beginner and keen to improve my skills.

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  • Posted on PaulHolloway's profile

    A wonderful PF --stunning landscapes. I shall keep coming back for more
    • 21 Mar 2013 12:18PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    A stunning collection-- landscapes to die for
    • 16 Mar 2013 2:58PM
  • Posted on keithh's profile

    An amazing PF. The landscapes are just superb. I can only dream of achieving such masterpieces. I also like your recent still life uploads. Very appealing
    • 13 Mar 2013 2:53PM
  • Posted on Diggeo's profile

    A nice selection of images -- plenty of variety
    • 10 Mar 2013 6:33PM
  • Posted on SammyRatFan's profile

    Just viewed your PF and some superb wildlife images too. Very well done
    • 8 Mar 2013 10:40PM
  • Posted on TrevBatWCC's profile

    I have just viewed some of your PF and what an amazing array of images. Very good indeed --I shall keep popping back until I have seen it all
    • 6 Mar 2013 2:35PM
  • Posted on nonur's profile

    A superb PF and a fascinating insight into another country and its people -- well done indeed
    • 1 Mar 2013 6:05PM
  • Posted on saltireblue's profile

    Just meandered through your PF. A superb and varied collection of images- landscapes are something special I shall keep popping in from time to time
    • 13 Feb 2013 6:03PM
  • Posted on lonely_oryx's profile

    A stunning and varied collection of images
    • 12 Feb 2013 11:09AM
  • Posted on andylea's profile

    What a stunning collection of images I can only dream of reaching this sort of standard
    • 12 Feb 2013 8:10AM
  • Posted on ColleenA's profile

    What a superb and varied collection of images, the wildlife and flowers are very good
    • 11 Feb 2013 2:22PM
  • Posted on almiles's profile

    I have just viewed your Pf. Congrats on an outstanding collection of some of the most beautiful images I've seen in a long time. I shall come back for more. Great work
    • 7 Feb 2013 2:02PM
  • Posted on fentiger's profile

    Just got round to viewing your PF A superb and varied collection of images. I particularly like your landscapes
    • 7 Feb 2013 12:26PM
  • Posted on fificat100's profile

    Just viewed your PF- a stunning and varied collection , I shall pop in every now and then
    • 3 Feb 2013 6:04PM
  • Posted on edrhodes's profile

    A wonderful and varied set of images
    • 22 Jan 2013 8:35PM
  • Posted on UrbaneMagick's profile

    Great and varied selection of images, especially the concert and Druid photos
    • 18 Jan 2013 12:36PM
  • Posted on leontari's profile

    Just looked through your PF . A great selection of interesting images
    • 18 Jan 2013 12:13PM
  • Posted on Gracehi12's profile

    Just viewed your PF. A fine selection of images. You certainly have a good eye. Keep up the good work
    • 18 Jan 2013 11:52AM
  • Posted on cirrusminor's profile

    Have viewed your Pf and what a stunning collection of magical images
    • 15 Jan 2013 9:59PM
  • Posted on moiral's profile

    Stunning array of images
    • 15 Jan 2013 3:58PM
  • Posted on Brindamour's profile

    Just viewed your PF. Great collection --my sort of images. Keep uploading
    • 15 Jan 2013 2:19PM
  • Posted on Gypsyman's profile

    Finally got round to viewing your PF .A great and varied selection of images. I especially like your chains and rope themes
    Good stuff
    • 10 Jan 2013 2:22PM
  • Posted on ugly's profile

    Interesting and varied Pf-wildlife captures are very good
    • 10 Jan 2013 1:46PM
  • Posted on saeidNL's profile

    A wonderful Pf full of light and colourful images Just perfect
    • 10 Jan 2013 11:12AM
  • Posted on Alan_Baseley's profile

    Have just viewed your Pf. A stunning and varied array of images. I love your macro shots especially
    • 10 Jan 2013 10:48AM
  • Posted on widtink's profile

    Thanks for your recent comment on my PF
    . You have some great images here --I'll keep popping in to update myself
    • 10 Jan 2013 9:57AM
  • Posted on Sue_R's profile

    Superb PF --landscapes to die for!!GrinGrin
    • 9 Jan 2013 10:38PM
  • Posted on taggart's profile

    A superb selection of beautiful images.
    • 9 Jan 2013 10:32PM
  • Posted on Jasper87's profile

    Superb collection of images
    • 9 Jan 2013 10:23PM
  • Posted on Niknut's profile

    Just viewed your PF. A superb and varied collection of images
    • 9 Jan 2013 4:07PM

Limited to latest 30 results.