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The lack of time to get out has my mind now more focused on getting out to the places I want to be. Winter will always invite meGrin
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A quick view of Melanie_M's recent activity.

  • Munich Olympic Tower

    Deserving of far more attention
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:47PM
  • Faller

    Finely timed action
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:46PM
  • A special moment

    I now believe you are a witch
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:42PM
  • hello dolly

    Great slice of history
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:23PM
  • Kingfisher

    Of all the baaaaarlushuses, in all of the world, you had to sit on mine! Fantastic.
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:20PM
  • Early Morning @ Corpach

    Great atmosphere, I can hear the ground crunch beneath my feet.
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:16PM
  • Red Two

    Great two too. I dream of poppy fields, here they are all yellowSad
    • 21 Jul 2013 6:13PM
  • You have a superb set of images of this winter season, something to envy.
    • Posted on fraser's profile
    • 19 Dec 2010 5:51PM
  • Hey Lady, You have the patience of a saint!
    The images of the ospreys are magnificent.
    • Posted on csurry's profile
    • 25 Jul 2010 7:20PM
  • So many superlatives for a fine set of images from Rannoch Moor/ Glencoe/ Geln Etive. Give yourself a pat on the back!
    • Posted on Sue_R's profile
    • 31 Jan 2010 5:59PM
  • An exceedingly fine collection of African wildlife. May fortune find you many more.
  • you have some seriosly amazing images in this portfolio and I only wish I had more time to go through them and comment. You positively invite people to your part of the world with what you do. I hope you don't find the invasion too disturbing.
  • A portfolio that is a joy to view. Continue to go out and seek the light you have found so far.
    • Posted on sut68's profile
    • 21 Jul 2007 4:51PM
  • A remarkable collection of landscapes. Well worth many revisits.
  • Get the underwater housing.
    I lived in Cayman for a while, at that time digital was but a dream. Would love to be able to dive now with a digital set up. Do it now, before the chance escapes you.