I am posting images from my "point and shoot" pocket camera: a 2nd hand FujiFilm F100fd with 8th Generation 12MP 1/1.6" Super CCD having 1.7x the area of a 1/2.3" CCD & 28-140mm zoom (c.2008); see photo at left. Set 3:2 format = 35mm film (4224x2816 pixels) as there's no 16:9 setting. It cost $7 Cdn. at a thrift store in 2018 Wink I normally limit Auto ISO to 800 max. To convert the focal length shown in EXIF below each photo to 35mm terms, multiply by 4.375x (I will note when I use digital zoom, which I almost always set at 4.1x or 574mm). Camera is capable of 8.2x digital or 1148mm, but that is only acceptable if there is little detail to start with. Camera dimensions are: (in cm) 97.7w x 58.9 h x 23.4 d; (or, in inches) 3.8w x 2.3h x 0.9d. Weighs 170g / 6 oz. (without battery or SDHC card). I carry it, along with it's wall charger, two spare Li-ion batteries and a small SD card in an older CaseLogic belt case similar to their current model DCB-302 (mine is a cm or so bigger than that).
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  • Mendenhall Glacier

    Worth the short walk. A great vantage point for the falls is at the end of that sand spit at the far left of photo #4. Was on a H/A cruise 2017.
    • 10 Jul 2019 4:13AM
  • Cave Entrance, Fira, Santorini Port

    That's a conclusion that I was leaning toward after Googling other cave doors. The most prominent one has a complete concrete structure, like a huge portico, built in front of it (relatively newly built as a guest house).
    I see they were also popular in France, as in the Loire Valley. See Wikipedia:
    "A cave dweller, or troglodyte is a human being who inhabits a cave or the area beneath the overhanging rocks of a cliff."

    • 7 Jul 2019 7:41PM
  • Agios Ioannis, Mykonos

    Just corrected my typo on the photo name field. Blush
    Had to leave off bottom of doors in order to capture crosses.
    Uploading another view (portrait orientation) today to show how small
    the courtyard is.
    • 2 Jul 2019 4:46PM

    Ok Timothy, fellow Canadian, you've got my curiosity going Wink
    Why did you decide on 750x1000 px to upload here?
    Why not a full screen size, so detail could be better seen?
    I realize there are uploaders who choose even smaller sizes,
    and for a photography website it makes little sense to me.
    Thumbnails aren't much fun to view Wink
    But then I'm 77 years old, and my goals are probably
    much different from many others on this forum.
    Others have told me it's because they are afraid their images would
    be stolen !!! You too ???
    • 16 Jun 2019 6:22PM
  • Wensleydale Wanderings

    ePhotozine said this photo contained "adult content" ??? Naked sheep ??? Wink
    • 28 May 2019 1:30AM
  • Caravaggio Room, Valletta, Malta

    It's just a spotlight shining on the painting at the opposite end of the room.(a portrait of Alof de Wignacourt, the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta.)
    I didn't like the choice of spotlight placement, but they know best (hopefully). Preserving these artworks is far more important than providing amateur photographers a better shot !
    • 24 May 2019 5:07PM
  • on the Wenthworth Trail in Hamilton, ON

    I see you are doing the same thing I have recently. Although you have SLR(s) you decided to give the Nikon Coolpix S3300 P'n'S a chance to "show it's stuff", as I have been doing with my Fujifilm Finepix F100fd. Much more "fun" to carry around than a bulky SLR and big lenses, and for most day-to-day walk-abouts, works just fine. You just seem to be restricting the image size uploaded here, like many others do?
    • 22 May 2019 1:29AM
  • Hi 3oldmen...

    I am 77 going on 78, living in Canada. Not sure of your ages, but we all know that doesn't count in photography Wink
    Although I have used several SLRs in the past, both 35mm and Digital, I am now concentrating on my latest acquisition, a very used Point'n'Shoot Fuji F100fd, so don't let the fact that one of you has a F70EXR make you feel any the less one of us. We're all in the same "class". We are either developing our artistic capabilities or exploring the capabilities of a specific piece of hardware (or both simultaneously).
    Enjoy the art. I started with a Kodak Baby Brownie camera at 11 years old (gift from my brother). Won't bother counting the cameras I've been through over the years. Not sure my artistry is any better than when I was 11, but I'm enjoying the hobby anyway !!!!
    Welcome aboard.
    • Posted on 3oldmen's profile
    • 19 Apr 2019 5:53PM

  • I like your profile's panorama of English Harbour, shot from Nelson's Dockyard heights. My shot was taken in February 2018 with my previous Fujifilm P'n'S, a J110W, which my wife now uses when she doesn't want to carry her Canon bridge camera. It was much more lush when you were there !!!
    • Posted on Techno's profile
    • 5 Mar 2019 9:05PM