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I have begun posting images from my latest acquisition, a second-hand Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1 / ZR1 point'n'shoot pocket camera. I am using 16:9 format, so resolution is reduced to 9MP. I cost $14.99 at a local thrift store. I limit ISO to Auto800 max. It's specs are in equipment listings on ePhotozine: https://www.ephotozine.com/equipment/item/panasonic-lumix-dmc-zx1-2812
Older photos (of Europe) were taken with my ($7 Cdn) Fujifilm Finepix F100fd point'n'shoot.
My Avatar shows me holding a used Kodak Pony 135 camera found in a thrift store recently: that model was my 1st 35mm camera in the late 1950s. (All manual: 4 shutter speeds (25-50-100-200th plus Bulb), film wind knob, guess-timating focus, external exposure meter and flash required Wink
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  • Strawberry moon.

    See my comments on your new "Windmill" submission. Help me understand your choices: ISO500 in bright daylight; ISO200 at night ?
    • 14 Jun 2020 5:12PM
  • Windmill

    Love all kinds of windmills. I'd be interested to know why you chose those exposure settings. I've never used over ISO200 in brifght daylight in 50 years, so I'm curious as to the reasoning. Thanks a lot. Of course I don't have an X-T20 either Wink Just my thrift store F100fd...
    P.S.: Just went through a bit of your portfolio and conclude you may ALWAYS use ISO500 ??? I entered the 35mm world using a hand held photometer before they were built in to cameras, and went by the instruction guides that came with the film before that: ASA100 - 1/50th sec - f/16 for sunlight.
    • 14 Jun 2020 5:02PM
  • LGBTQ walkway, Ft. Langley

    Quote:Love those colours on the crossing...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    I was surprised at the image quality from such a small camera at ISO800 even more than the colours of the crosswalk !!!
    At least as good as from the Super CCD in my Finepix F100fd, which has a much larger sensor area (48.5 sq mm vs 28.4 sq mm).
    • 10 Mar 2020 5:30PM
  • Canadian Pacific

    The area around Castle Mountain (formerly Mt. Eisenhower) is one of the most beautiful, restful (to the eyes and heart) areas in Canada.
    As a person who met and worked with Nicholas Morant (for one day at CPR), this surely is a "different" kind of photo Wink
    see the 1st additional photo on this web page as an example:

    [link removed by ePz - commercial site]
    • 12 Feb 2020 5:36PM
  • Memories of Kitty

    We have received our old cat's ashes from the animal hospital, which we have had placed in a cedar box with his name engraved on the cover.
    Will place the above photo in a small brass picture frame above it as we did for our old dog Muggins who was a miniature Yorkie.
    On the 15th we will bring our next "furball" home from a nearby shelter after seeing MANY cats at 2 shelters.
    He was given the name Wilbur by the shelter: they pick unique names for every animal. They are guessing he is about 2 years old.
    He is a grey and black tabbie.
    • 7 Jan 2020 5:45PM
  • The wooden footbridge

    Quote:Lovely shot !! Lovely location...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    Yes, thanks Isabel, it's one of the few paths available in wooded areas in our area of the suburbs.
    In good weather I try to walk it, although my legs are slowly getting less capable.
    (have Peripheral Neuropathy, and just getting over a bout of Polymyalgia Rheumatica.)

    • 23 Dec 2019 4:49PM
  • Winsters' First Day Of Winter

    Hi Ian,

    I love ALL the shots you upload, but noticed something within some of them that I have experienced with my lenses: always zooms.

    That is, a noticeable loss of sharpness in one corner or another. Can even vary from shot to shot, maybe dependent on the distance at which the lens focussed and/or which focal length was chosen. I had one lens where it varied from top right to bottom left, and sometimes was just fine. My Sony SLT-a58 has this (very slightly) on all lenses, so I assume it is a tiny misalignment of the sensor or mount, not the lenses themselves (that wouldn't make sense). Not bad enough to trade in the camera. It is just in the bottom right, like your shot here.

    I see it here on the lower wall and tall grasses by the fence.

    Could it be a slightly decentered lens element, since you have a fixed zoom ?

    I assume it doesn't bother you too much, but my brain just keeps diverting my eyes to this kind of thing (sadly).

    Looking forward to your future uploads !

    All the best,

    • 9 Dec 2019 5:26PM
  • A white fanfare

    They were along my walking path beside a rural woods where the township is only allowed to remove certain invasive species, and I guess these are not one of them..
    • 11 Nov 2019 4:03PM
  • More ornamental Kale

    Quote:Lovely image and content. Nice plant and nice colours...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    Thanks Isabel...
    I can't quite put it into words, but there is something about the way this little Lumix reproduces a scene that is very appealing to me.
    I have already had feedback on perceived limitations of this model. This was expected for two reasons: I mostly buy used Thrift Store cameras costing less than $15 (except for my Sony SLT-a58 and Nikon P7800) and I don't find any top of the line models there.
    I now prefer VERY small pocketable cameras for day-to-day use and keep the Sony for special events "when I'm in the mood to carry that much weight" Wink The Nikon was a gift to my wife, but likewise, she prefers her dual lens cellphone or one of the small Fujis. I expect she will soon switch from her J110W to the F100fd (which took most of my portfolio here) due to it's image stabilization feature.
    I have used several brands of digital cameras to date (over 16 years) and I will hopefully determine what exactly the Lumix does differently. I expect it's mainly in it's CCD's colour palette variations.
    (Digital Cameras used to date: one Sony; four Fujifilms; at least six Canons; five Kodaks; one Minolta; one Nikon; one Casio; one GE.)
    • 19 Oct 2019 4:55PM
  • Ignoring the Harpy ?

    Pablo, I am assuming they aren't listening to the Harpy because they have no ears Grin
    • 10 Oct 2019 1:34AM
  • Holiday snap

    Quote:Nice holiday shot but for it to truly be an alibi it should be time and date stamped!

    It's in the EXIF:
    Taken:9 Dec 2010 4:56pm
    • 27 Sep 2019 6:52PM
  • Adding a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1/ZX1 as my walkabout camera

    Yes, it competes well with my Fuji F100fd, which has a larger CCD (48.56 sq mm vs Lumix's 28.46 sq mm). I don't use ISO1600, having set both camera's to max ISO800.
    I have found, however, in home testing, that I COULD use 1600 if I ran it through Neat Image V8 to remove digital artifacts such as grain. (I don't use any post-processor that I have to pay for.) Neat Inage and Irfanview do the things that I'm willing to do, but I try to avoid them as much as possible. I like to show what the camera can do without extenal assistance. So Irfanview is used mostly for fine rotations when horizons are not straight or something on the edge of the image distracts (e.g. someone's arm gets in the photo).
    The Lumix's CCD IS affected by spectral highlights, such as the sun's reflection off glass or metal, so I have to compensate by changing viewpoint or focal length (very infrequently).
    • 25 Sep 2019 5:38PM
  • Monument Valley

    Noticed focal length 8.9mm. Which lens was this.

    Planning on going there by RV in 2020.

    Must be one of the newer super wides?

    My Sigma only goes to 10mm (15mm in 35mm terms).
    • 24 Sep 2019 7:10PM
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 vs Fujifilm Finepix FD100fd

    The F100fd took all my photos in Europe that are in my portfolio here, about 3,000 or more of them. I was happy that a $7 used pocket camera from 2009 could do so well. So I decided to SPLURGE another $15 on the LUMIX, also from 2009 (when there were fewer MP).
    I have NO intention of spending $$$ to get what a 1" CMOS could get, as I have a Nikon P7800 with a CCD the same size as the Fuji (but sharper), but it is much too big for me now, and a better zoom camera would be even larger, and more expensive. I have to compare oranges to oranges. Everyone else I know makes do with cellphones. I am the ONLY one with a camera any more. I have checked the reviews of more current pocketable zoom cameras, such as the Canon ELPHs, and don't like their test result images at all (also assuming someone would donate them free to a thrift store Wink
    The Lumix and the Fuji are exactly the same size and fit my tiny carry case perfectly, so no more $$ need be spent on that either Wink
    • 16 Sep 2019 10:23PM
  • Canterbury

    Went there once in 2015 as part of a 28 day tour of Britain and Ireland. Of course the one day we had there it was closed. Was told at entry kiosk that it is often closed to the public for private and special events. After waiting 1/2 a century to visit, it was disappointing to say the least. SadSadSad Only got to see the town itself.
    • 28 Jul 2019 6:30PM
  • Mendenhall Glacier

    Worth the short walk. A great vantage point for the falls is at the end of that sand spit at the far left of photo #4. Was on a H/A cruise 2017.
    • 10 Jul 2019 4:13AM
  • Cave Entrance, Fira, Santorini Port

    That's a conclusion that I was leaning toward after Googling other cave doors. The most prominent one has a complete concrete structure, like a huge portico, built in front of it (relatively newly built as a guest house).
    I see they were also popular in France, as in the Loire Valley. See Wikipedia:
    "A cave dweller, or troglodyte is a human being who inhabits a cave or the area beneath the overhanging rocks of a cliff."

    • 7 Jul 2019 7:41PM
  • Agios Ioannis, Mykonos

    Just corrected my typo on the photo name field. Blush
    Had to leave off bottom of doors in order to capture crosses.
    Uploading another view (portrait orientation) today to show how small
    the courtyard is.
    • 2 Jul 2019 4:46PM

    Ok Timothy, fellow Canadian, you've got my curiosity going Wink
    Why did you decide on 750x1000 px to upload here?
    Why not a full screen size, so detail could be better seen?
    I realize there are uploaders who choose even smaller sizes,
    and for a photography website it makes little sense to me.
    Thumbnails aren't much fun to view Wink
    But then I'm 77 years old, and my goals are probably
    much different from many others on this forum.
    Others have told me it's because they are afraid their images would
    be stolen !!! You too ???
    • 16 Jun 2019 6:22PM
  • Wensleydale Wanderings

    ePhotozine said this photo contained "adult content" ??? Naked sheep ??? Wink
    • 28 May 2019 1:30AM
  • Caravaggio Room, Valletta, Malta

    It's just a spotlight shining on the painting at the opposite end of the room.(a portrait of Alof de Wignacourt, the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta.)
    I didn't like the choice of spotlight placement, but they know best (hopefully). Preserving these artworks is far more important than providing amateur photographers a better shot !
    • 24 May 2019 5:07PM
  • on the Wenthworth Trail in Hamilton, ON

    I see you are doing the same thing I have recently. Although you have SLR(s) you decided to give the Nikon Coolpix S3300 P'n'S a chance to "show it's stuff", as I have been doing with my Fujifilm Finepix F100fd. Much more "fun" to carry around than a bulky SLR and big lenses, and for most day-to-day walk-abouts, works just fine. You just seem to be restricting the image size uploaded here, like many others do?
    • 22 May 2019 1:29AM
  • She is stuck in a muddy shadow

    Well, I'll still refer to ships as "she / her". Especially the masted ones, such as the Cutty Sark (which I visited at Greenwich half a lifetime ago) and the Christian Radich, from the Cinemiracle documentary film "Windjammer", which I saw during it's original release decades ago (I have a copy of the film on DVD). See this Norwegian URL:

    If you are curious about the widescreen film, the 2 1/2 minute "trailer" is found at:
    • 19 May 2019 5:42PM
  • The Search

    Could she be related to Venus de Milo ? Could that be a back entrance to the Louvre ? Legs the lost part of a Greek bust ?
    Where's Sherlock when you need him ? These clues need to be formulated into a good story, a la Agatha Christie.
    • 17 May 2019 10:27PM
  • Difficult Subject

    I agree about overcast skies. My F100fd has a way of holding the highlights when contrast is higher (called Wide Dynamic Range), but it requires an increase to the ISO it uses (to give it "wiggle room" to adjust the image) up to 2 settings. e.g. from ISO100 to either 200 or 400.
    • 10 May 2019 6:49AM
  • Grand Master's Palace, Rhodes as viewed from the harbour

    Quote:Nice wee holiday home, and a good frame filler, Ron. I would rather live in the yacht. Smile

    Looks terrific in this shot at lunch time, but by supper time high winds were trying to smash all the smaller (than a cruise ship) boats into the concrete wharves. I took a short video clip of a harbour tour boat in this situation (out of view to the left of this shot), with the crew on the wharf having heart attacks hoping their boat would not be swamped or heavily damaged. Luckily they had fastened it well enough that it survived !
    When our ship left port that evening, the doors to outside deck areas were locked until the winds subsided.
    Same happened in Santorini. Fine all day until evening.
    • 9 May 2019 5:38AM
  • Ceiling detail, St. John's Co-Cathedral, Malta

    The sad part is that interior visits are very time limited, as many shots are rushed, never mind the fact I didn't have a tripod or find much to support the camera on in the Cathedral.
    • 6 May 2019 3:54AM
  • The family...

    Glad you decided to remove the placing of exposure dates from your photos. As I said previously, it's all in the EXIF anyway.
    • 5 May 2019 3:20AM
  • Watering cans

    Took this shot because the coloured cans attracted my attention amongst all the clutter of the very large shop. Thought the F100fd did a good job of capturing the exact colours.
    • 4 May 2019 5:36PM
  • Canal Reflections

    I love the quality of the images the HS50 creates, but I noticed in this shot that the lens does the same thing my Sony SLT-a58 does. Every once in a while, assuming all shots are focussed at infinity, one side of the image or the other is slightly out of focus. In your case, the right side. It is noticeable or some subjects: depends on the detail at the right side I think. I'm guessing a lens element decentered, not the CCD/CMOS out of alignment, or it would happen in every shot. I even sent my SLT into Sony when new (shipping at their expense) and under warranty, but they would only say "it's within spec" and did nothing. In comparison, I had the same issue with my Nikon P7800, but they replaced the entire lens assembly (they did not replace the whole camera). The new assembly was Perfect. Neither of my current Fuji P'n'Ss (F100fd or J110W) have this issue, or any other P'n'S or bridge camera I owned previously (even a Chinese GE X500 bridge camera bought at a hardware store). Is QC on the newer cameras degrading ??? Maybe most folk just don't notice this happening or don't care: viewers of my photos, displayed via ChromeCast on a Samsung 40 inch LED TV don't see what I refer to.
    • 4 May 2019 5:23PM