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I am posting images from my "point and shoot" pocket camera: a 2nd hand FujiFilm F100fd with 8th Generation 1/1.6" Super CCD having 1.7x the area of a 1/2.3" CCD & 28-140mm zoom (c.2008); see photo at left. Set 3:2 format = 35mm film (4224x2816 pixels) as there's no 16:9 setting. It cost $7 Cdn. at a thrift store in 2018 Wink I normally limit Auto ISO to 800 max. To convert the focal length shown in EXIF below each photo to 35mm terms, multiply by 4.375x (I will note when I use digital zoom, which I almost always set at 4.1x or 574mm). Camera is capable of 8.2x digital or 1148mm, but that is only acceptable if there is little detail to start with. Camera dimensions are: (in cm) 97.7w x 58.9 h x 23.4 d; (or, in inches) 3.8w x 2.3h x 0.9d. Weighs 170g / 6 oz. (without battery or SDHC card). I carry it, along with it's wall charger, two spare Li-ion batteries and a small SD card in an older CaseLogic belt case similar to their current model DCB-302 (mine is a cm or so bigger than that).
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  • Digital Camera Image Formats

    In this day and age, I cannot understand why most cameras come with 4:3 as their default aspect ratio, and sometimes even their LCD shape too. To me it shouldn't exist any more, as that I believe came to be because they originally adopted the SD TV r...

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