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Welcome and thanks for looking at my Portfolio, I hope you enjoy my Pictures.
I know I still have heaps to learn, so I really appreciate any comments, especially critical ones.
The only way to learn!!
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Norbert is my name.
I am here in the UK (Tring) on a 3 year contract (one to go). Home is Brisbane Australia.
My wife Merrin and I love being here, and use our spare time to travel around as much as possible to see your beautiful country, as well as the rest of Europe.

One year ago now, I purchased my first SLR- Nikon D 90, loved it from the start, hobby and travel in one! Fantastic!
So..... I have got a lot to learn. I look forward to some helpful comments from critical friends.

Other hobbies are: Scuba diving and riding motor bikes (R 1150 GS). Both of them are currently on hold and have to wait till we are back in Australia.

As you might have noticed on my late pictures, we have moved back to Brisbane Australia.
While I am very excited to be back home and see Australia with different eyes now (Through the lens of my D 7000).
Both of us, my wife and I, really miss the UK! We had a fantastic time there. We just fell in love with people and country and Photography.
Hopefully one day, we might go back to do it all again for a couple of years.
Till then, there is allot to discover (with my Camera) here in OZ.
For people who are interested, I also share some of my photos on have a look if you like.
Thanks Norbert


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