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Winters Morning

Winters Morning by jimhellier

This seems to be one of those photos that's "almost there". It caught my eye enough in the thumbnails view for me to want to look at it as an individual photo. But then I was oddly disappointed. The easiest thing to spot is that the horizon doesn't appear level, all the water is going to run out of the left side of the picture! I then find that the bottom half of the picture doesn't add anything, and in fact the tiny bit of bank on the righ bottom corner distracts the eye. This could be improved by going for a letterbox format, crop away the dead space. The photograph is called "Sunrise" but the sunrise itself is overexposed so that all the colours and glory of the sun in the right upper quadrant are lost - either a grey grad to tone down the sky or simply underexpose to rectify this (if it was shot in RAW then you might still be able to recover some of it).


BROKEN CIRCLES by youmightlikethis

Firstly, I prefer the colour version at the moment but I believe that the mono should be better. What holds me back on the mono is that there is some clear marking around the top and bottom of the frame whcih shows that the brush hasn't been applied to the whole of the tryptic. The light grey at the top and bottom is distracting. In addition I find the entire contrast in the mono is overdone.
Secondly, I love the concept and putting it into a tryptic. However, the distance closer between the first and second is not the same as the second and third. I think that what you have done is halve the distance and then halve it again (counting the pillars on the far side you have 6 before the first arch in picture one, 3 in pcture 2 and 1.5 in picture 3). I think it would have been better to have either moved or zoomed the same distance both times. I'm guessing it's zoom as I think you must be standing out on a beam.

Lavendar Junction

Lavendar Junction by hwatt

I'm not sure. The colours are strong, and it could be bold. But I am uncomfortable with the "junction". I suspect it would work well for me if the lines of lavender were unborken. Instead the two tress seem to be the point that draws my eyes, but they are strong enough to carry it off.

Arts council

Arts council by IgorDrankin

A slightly frustrating shot. I can see what you were trying to achieve but I don't think it's quite there. For a start there is too much blank wall, it squashes everything else down. The top half really neds to be cropped away.

Then I find my eyes are having to search too much. The graffiti itself is the main subject, the ladies are almost incidental. From the title you clearly want us to thiink about them, and what they are doing, but they aren't a focal point for the eye

Overall, for the juxtaposition and humour then I think you need to have the ladies filling the frame, from a lower angle, and the graffiti as the background, possibly even slightly blurred by using a low f number.

great crested grebe

great crested grebe by ROB1972

Great picture, lovely use of depth of field.
Can you tell us a bit more - lens and settings used please.

The Tweed at winter

The Tweed at winter by Sno

Nice, good colours. However I feel that there is slightly too much sky. Crop off some to bring the top pf the river to the top third of the photo.

Astrological Clock

Astrological Clock by Pacifica

I always find clock faces hard. The main problem is the edge of the clock, do you show some of the wall behind or crop down to only show the clock. I find that this picture has the same problem.
I would definitely crop away the border (is it a door frame?) on the left. But I would still probably concentrate more on specific elements. The blue is a lovely colour and I would be looking to make more it it to give the picture real presence.
In fact, is this upside down? IIIX doesn't exist as a roman numeral, seven should be VII

Golden rails

Golden rails by photodoktor

Interesting. I really like the rails and the path leading down (I want to go there now). However my eyes can't decide if I am supposed to be drawn to the sun or the bottom of the rails. I would crop out the sun to make, in my opinion, a more balanced picture.

The Dam

The Dam by alwolf

Lovely reflection but the trees in the background are a bit washed out.
You missed off the bit of the history about the welsh village being destroyed (now sitting under the middle of the lake) in order to provide water for the english in Birmingham.

Me Myself I

Me Myself I by hwatt

Been there myself but I swear never saw it that beautiful. Lovely picture. Thank you

sitting tight

sitting tight by sparrowhawk

FOr me I'm afraid this doesn't really work. The branches cutting across the head and body are too distracting. I think I can see what you why trying to achieve, framing the head but overall it becomes too cluttered. It is neither a picture of the bird (crested grebe?) or of the branches. either could make an interesting picture but my eye doesn't know what it is supposed to be looking at.


Footpath by anpix

I think you got it Andy. There is excellent clarity to the sign, nice and sharp, and then the background blurs out. The only changes I would make would be around the upright of the sign. I think I would have used the upright as my right hand border rather than leave a small gap. At the top I think you either need to crop down slightly so the upright fills the side, or to have left a bigger gap, my gut feel is a bigger gap woould be better.

Temple guards

Temple guards by Aristeidis

An interesting shot. I like oblique angles and getting the depth. However I think I would ahve focused on the first guard as my key image rather than the second one. I also wonder if either a reflector at the time of the shot or a bit of tweaking in RAW could get the jewels in the aprons to "pop" more


Worcester by KP

Unfortunately there is a perspective problem for me here. The cathedral tower seems to be leaning over towards the river.


WEST BURTON by Hanners

Lovely pic so I have given a vote, but I would love to know details - camera, lens, settings etc

llynau mymbyr

llynau mymbyr by zofo

Great picture, love it. Would a neutral grad have helped bring the sky down slightly

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