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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to a world seen through my (admitedly colourblind) eyes. I use Lightroom for some post processing to try and capture what was in my mind when I took the picture, in an attempt to reflect what was really there.
I am constantly amazed by the quality of images on this site and find inspiration from the high number of excellent photographers here. I aspire to be as good as them and am always willing to take on advice. I often sacrifice the chance of getting votes on my images so that I can post them on the Critique gallery.
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  • Parachute Jump

    250 feet tall. I told a lie though, it closed in 1964.
    The ride was based on functional parachutes which were held open by metal rings throughout the ascent and descent. Twelve cantilevered steel arms sprout from the top of the tower, each of which supported a parachute attached to a lift rope and a set of surrounding guide cables. Riders were belted into a two-person canvas seat hanging below the closed chute, then hoisted to the top, where a release mechanism would drop them, the descent slowed only by the parachute. Shock absorbers at the bottom, consisting of pole-mounted springs, cushioned the landing. Each parachute required three cable operators, keeping labor expenses high.
    • 15 Nov 2017 11:15AM
  • The Night Cafe

    I cropped the top light out because I felt it very modern and unattractive. However I did think that it meant I lost the source of light. So interested to see that you all kept it in, and it is definitely better with it in.
    Also interested in the comment about tension. That's worth remembering for the future.
    I kept off mono because I liked the golden light. I had a half hearted attempt which "convinced" me that I was right. However, Moira, you have shown me otherwise, that's a lovely mono conversion. Thanks for the explanation of what you have done.
    Thank you everyone.
    • 14 Nov 2017 1:30PM
  • Yesterday in a small northern town

    Lovely set of images, telling the story. But now I am going to have "Life in a Northern Town" by the Dream Academy going through my head all day!

    A Salvation Army Band played
    And Children drunk lemonade
    And the morning lasted all day,
    All day
    And through an open window came
    Like Sinatra in a younger day,
    Pushing the town away
    • 13 Nov 2017 12:37PM
  • Waiting

    The award is definitely for the mono
    • 13 Nov 2017 1:13AM
  • Coney Island

    I really prefer it without the hordes 😜
    • 13 Nov 2017 12:03AM
  • Loch Voil

    I love the shape to this. There's a nice feeling of symmetry but with enough variety as well.
    • 3 Nov 2017 6:45PM
  • Down For Dinner

    Where is this Minty? It's reminding me of Edinburgh.
    • 3 Nov 2017 6:43PM
  • Dirty old town

    No hesitation giving this an award. Fantastic, such good processing. Love the structure and shape to it with the ghostly modern city behind it rising up.
    • 31 Oct 2017 7:13PM
  • Sunrise

    I love the colour and the symmetry.
    • 29 Oct 2017 2:50PM
  • Across the Bridge

    It wasn't just the same architect. That is the bridge! Just been in Calgary for the last few days.
    • 27 Oct 2017 4:42AM
  • City Life XV

    Wonderfully evocative.
    • 26 Oct 2017 12:46PM
  • Gently

    You're making me homesick
    • 25 Oct 2017 3:47PM
  • Streets of Philly

    My first ever Readers Choice. So happy!
    • 23 Oct 2017 7:43PM
  • Now that's what I call bokeh!

    I like the main image, and the first version is simply beautiful
    • 23 Oct 2017 7:32AM
  • The Arcade

    Wow. Stunning.
    • 22 Oct 2017 12:44AM
  • Old Morris

    That's some brilliant advice straight off. I was going with the window handle because I like the simplicity. But I think it probably is unbalancing the trio just because it is so simple. While the door isn't my favourite, in a triptych it does work better.
    And I'm pleased that you agree on the colour, I do think it's part of these wonderful old cars.
    {I grew up with a Morris Traveller so I do have a soft spot for them)
    • 19 Oct 2017 3:05PM
  • All tied up

    Hi and welcome.
    If you are looking for real feedback then I can heartily recommend that you mark your image for critique when you load it on (one of the tick options near the bottom of the submission "form"). It will mean you can't get votes, but the image will go into the critique gallery and you will get amazing feedback and constructive critique from a bunch of people who really know their stuff. It's very helpful if you are trying to improve. Also tick the box allowing modifications and you will be stunned by what they can do to improve your image.
    Anyway, on to this as you ask. Firstly it stands out enough to get me to click on it so I can see it larger. That's a good start. And then I think that the mono choice is great for processing.
    However I find it a bit flat. Possibly you need to reset the whites and blacks which will help bring out the contrast. And then I find the background too busy. Especially as it takes out the top of the post. It's a pity because I think the boat and the rope is great. Possibly a letterbox crop might help.
    • 18 Oct 2017 12:24AM
  • FOREST - Mountain Wanderer

    Oh, that has been me on SO many occasions!
    • 17 Oct 2017 8:44PM
  • Cwm Bychan

    Now I've got Men of Harlech going through my head. Beautiful. Missing my homeland.
    • 17 Oct 2017 7:35PM
  • It's a jungle out there

    Always rely on you to spot the different and bring a smile to my face.
    • 17 Oct 2017 2:56PM
  • Boxed

    Thanks Moira. In an instant you have found a better image. It's decluttered and focuses on the real box of interest with the lettering.
    • 10 Oct 2017 12:22PM
  • Waiting

    Thank you Dimitris. I have purposefully kept the guy on the left in the shot and I think it works.
    • 8 Oct 2017 3:31AM
  • Tempting Proposition

    "Who ate all the pies?
    Who ate all the pies?"
    And I will stop there before I go into lyrics not suitable for the younger viewer.
    I like the processing, fits it very well.
    • 5 Oct 2017 1:50PM
  • Wheels

    Is that on purpose?
    • 4 Oct 2017 3:54PM
  • 1977 Ford Granada Coupe

    It's a wonderful car, loved the Granada and the coupe, with that 3 litre engine, was a schoolboys dream. What a fantastic shape, sweeping back.
    Unfortunately I am less enamoured by the picture.
    Firstly the car itself, you are at an angle to the front of the car which is good as it allows the shape of the car to be seen. However you are too high. If you were to take a lower angle then it would allow the car to become more dominant and to "own" the frame. It would be about the car. In addition you have more space behind the car than in front. This cramps the lovely bonnet, the car needs space. And while it's a minor thing, the front wheels are just off centre line, straighten them up or fully turn them, but as it is it looks like the positioning was neglected.
    Secondly the background, horrible wire fence dominating the left side (with a rather moth eaten hedge) and a modern car creeping in on the right. Neither add anything to the image and detract from what we want to see. Then there is a tree growing out of the roof, that beautiful coupe roof. Having some houses in the background, as you do, could work well if we could see more of them, and I believe those probably are period 70's type terrace.
    I think you need to work on framing and background. With a bit of post-processing to blend with the age. Personally I would love to see this on a housing estate, mono conversion, gritty, but maybe I grew up watching too much of The Sweeney (I know that wasn't a coupe).
    • 4 Oct 2017 2:09PM
  • Keys

    I think the shallow DoF could have worked if the focus had been on something of interest. For instance I would be interested to see it with the eye of the key with the keyring, the letters on the uppermost key, or even (and I am less sure) the teeth of the key. Either of those would give us something to focus on. As it is there is nothing to hold my eye. I wander over the image trying to fix on what it is that you want to emphasize but just can't find it. Shallow DoF is to draw my attention to something but there isn't anything there.
    • 1 Oct 2017 7:52PM
  • Dear Ed

    The date is in roman numerals July VI MDCCC and then something behind the ivy which I think is an L, making it 1850. And you may see a few more. This is from the graveyard in St Michaels church, Cefn Mably in Wales, and is believed to date back to the 4th century
    • 29 Sep 2017 1:32AM
  • The Tack Shed

    Hmm. My friends don't pose for me like that when I go riding.
    • 27 Sep 2017 3:49PM
  • Misty Windermere boats

    It's interesting that you say it was a day for isolating and closing in on detail but then didn't really do that.
    It's all a bit of a jumble to me, the boats are all overlying each other, it's not clear what my real focus should be on. The Guillemot brings some colour but unfortunately half the yacht is lost behind the small motor boat. I also feel that there isn't enough reflection to get the value from including the masts.
    Overall the colours are flat, not helped by the mist.
    • 27 Sep 2017 2:41AM
  • Dream Beach

    I think you have done a fantastic job with the stones. Lovely crisp image. I love the colour and texture. But the hammock is just a distraction. Take that shot with a background of clear sea and no interference then it would be great. The use of shallow depth of field is executed well but on the wrong subject matter.
    • 18 Sep 2017 10:22PM