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Robert51 13 10 129 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2021 7:58AM
Hi Hannah
I can understand your problems with the image as the light will effect the whole image.
The mod I'm sorry is only very quick and needs a lot more work, but may give you some ideas.
First I used the Lens Flare which is under "Fliter-Render" in PS. I the converted to black and white to remove the colours from the flare.
This is produced the halo around the sun and the lens flare just by the rock. Then I used the dodge and burn tool which is the hand with the fingers circled in the side panel. This with changing the range in both dodge and burning between Highlights, Midtones and Shadows.
The main thing is to remove the orginal sunray across the water. Once you get the hang of the dodge and burn tool you can have great control over most of you images with the light.
Once again I'm sorry it's quick and I'm sure your make a much better job of it, but it's that time of year...
Merry Christmas
22 Dec 2021 8:34AM
Thanks very much Robert, that is very helpful and much appreciated Smile Have a lovely Christmas
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1950 England
22 Dec 2021 10:28AM
It's really disappointing when you rock up at a lovely location and the weather isn't playing ball. I think you've done the right thing to go to monochrome (though i can't be certain without seeing the colour original, if there was one)...

It's something I've blogged about a time or two: the bottom line is either wait for the weather (usually impractical, especially on coach tours) or shoot the picture that will work: in adverse weather, that's often close-up of details. HERE is a link to one of the blogs.

Robert has done a brilliant job of turning grey to sunny: he understands Photoshop to an extent that I never will, and can create things that are way, way beyond my abilities: I am much more interested in taking pictures, and what you can do in camera (or in mobile) to make something that's interesting and involving.

I must see if I can find the Ashness blog...
mrswoolybill Plus
15 3.4k 2543 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2021 11:04AM
The dodge and burn tools, used very discreetly at very low exposure settings (I stick to 3%), with a large brush, can help to subtly enhance light and contrast. But I do aim to go with the experience of the moment rather than try to create something different. I like the sun rays filtering gently through the cloud and onto the sea here.
If you want alternatives you could add the colour original as a modification here for people to work on. But I would be more than satisfied with your worked b&w.
22 Dec 2021 11:51AM
Hi John,

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate this. I meant to upload this to the CC gallery, but didn't check the right box, so reached out to Robert for his view, as he understands so well how light works in an image.

If you are willing to look at it, I can upload the colour original, this had a eerie quality to it, but I just couldn't make it work in editing - I think due to range of tones and the light. It is also a jpeg which seems to have less flexibility than the raw images.

I know I have a lot to learn, and getting it right at the time is the ultimate goal, but was trying to learn from the best of the images I have, so I can apply this (in the field) moving forward.


22 Dec 2021 12:03PM
Hi Moira,

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Smile I will upload the orginal colour version. You may see from this what attracted me to the shot (despite the lack of light on the rocks).

Best regards

PS: happy if you want to reassign this to the CC gallery, if you'd prefer.
banehawi Plus
18 2.8k 4321 Canada
22 Dec 2021 1:26PM
Thanks for the colour version Hannah, - I will download it for a closer look shortly.

dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 826 England
22 Dec 2021 3:12PM
I've used your original as the base for my mods.

For the first one I warmed the imae as it was cold in tone. If you like or want the cool look, then you can ignore that step but my next adjustments were to darken the sky (as if you'd used a graduate filter) just to give it more substance, and lightened the round. I used Curves adjustments as they also boost contrat. I then opened up the shadow areas using the Shadow/Highlight tool.

That's just one way of approaching it.

Likewise my mono mod. Iused a Film Noir setting in Nik, but basically it's about pushing sontrast to give some punch with strong blacks and bright whites and avoiiding too much grey, trying to make something of the light across the water, which I guess was one of the things that drew you to this image.
22 Dec 2021 3:39PM
Thanks Keith, that is helpful.

For the colour I think it looks much better with a warmer tone on the colour mod, the darker sky also helps accentuate the sun's rays on the sea. I can see how the use of the curves adjustment would help to boost the contrast, did you do this on an individual colour basis or across the whole spectrum. This is quite subtle but very effective, thank you.

For the mono, I have some questions (apologies if these seem basic), For colour pictures I was told to try to achieve a balanced histogram and avoid blow outs at either end. But have read (I think in one of the blogs here) that a mono needs true blacks and true whites. When you add punch/contrast, would you expect the histogram to be more of a valley shape, than a hill? Would this appear 'blown out' at both sides of the histogram. Hope this makes sense and isn't a dumb question.

Many thanks
22 Dec 2021 4:08PM
Had a go ... original was already great though Tongue
banehawi Plus
18 2.8k 4321 Canada
22 Dec 2021 4:21PM
I would suggest a crop, as in the mods, that end up as 16X9,and place the horizon on a third.

The camera struggles with the wide dynamic range here, and that sky simply isn't dense enough to provide an acceptable mono conversion, it will show streaks, noise, smudged areas, etc.

Mod id warmer, exposure increased where needed, shadows lifted here and there, slight sharpening. I think I see birds on the tall rock?

I would stick with a colour, - or, assuming the phone has an HDR mode, try that with a similar scene?


dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 826 England
22 Dec 2021 5:22PM
It's good to ask questions Hannah, especially for clarification.

The Curves adjustmens were made on feathered selections to provide a seamless change.
I think that's what you meant, but if ot, and for completeness, you can adjust each of the red green and blue channels separately within the Curves dialog but that's quite advanced if you want to correct colours or imitate the effects of cross-processing (a film technique) which can produce some whacky results.

I'm not surewhat a balanced histogram would be, as histograms are so image dependent, but what you should aim for is the best colour version you can as that will have the most information available before conversion to mono and means image degradation and break=up is minimised. Mono conversion can be extreme, as you can push tonal ranges and contrast so much (you may need or want to, to get a good mono), and much more than you'd sanely want to if the result was still in colour.

It is good to have a pure black amnd a pure white in a mono image as the image relies on contrast, but not all images will need that (think foggy scenes for example).
I'm not saying blocked up shdows or burnt out highlights should be ignored but they are more acceptable if you like in a mono context whereas they'd look awful in colour. Of couirse, it all depends on the mood you want, and the subjet. For a good insight into such high contrast mono take a look a starckimages portfolio on this site.
22 Dec 2021 5:56PM
Thanks Herbert, I really appreciate you taking the time to do a modification. I like the crop you have applied and how you have accentuated the sun filtering through the clouds on the sea. Much appreciated Smile
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1950 England
22 Dec 2021 7:47PM
Thanks for the original, Hannah.

I'd wondered if the colours were awful in the original, and they're not - though you're right that it's a bit eerie. It reminds me of sitting in Cornwall waiting for a total eclipse of the sun back in - I think - around 1997. There was cloud cover, so we didn't see anything, but it went very dark, and birdcall was confused... Everyone waiting for the end of the world, or for the light to come back...

I love the bowl around the cliffs, much more visible in brown with the colour version. To make it a bit more apocalyptic, I used Levels, moving the midtones slider to the right. Does it work?
23 Dec 2021 11:32AM
Hi Everyone, Many thanks for all your comments and modifications. I am really grateful to you all for your time and your thoughts. I will come back to you on these, but in a day or so, as I have rather a lot I need to do workwise, before finishing up for the year. In the meantime, wishing you all the best for the festive period. Hannah
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1950 England
23 Dec 2021 12:12PM
And the same to you - peace, love and happiness everywhere.
5 Jan 2022 10:42PM
Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you, I didnít have as much time as I hoped over Christmas to get back to this.

Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks you all for your help and advice...and specifically

@John- you are absolutely right about the sky, I was out in Brixham Harbour for the eclipse July 96 I think from memory. I like the mod you have done very atmospheric.

@Keith - Thanks for the clarification and pointing me to the starkimages portfolio. I was struggling to understanding how to get contrast in B&W without 'blowing' out the histogram. This gives me some more creative scope, but one I suspect needs to be applied carefully!

@Willie - Thanks I see what you are saying about the black and white version. The photo was a jpeg without HDR so not much to play with. I have a new camera now with HDR - which I will try... probably need to get a grasp of the more rudimentary functions first - so much to learn...

@Robert - thanks very much for the colour mod and the first one, I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Thanks again, all - very much appreciated Smile

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