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A quick view of meuvoy's recent activity.

  • Owls in a row by meuvoy

    Quote:'It can't be done' is the bottom line, I think. With any camera and a single shot.

    A long telephoto setting will give shallow depth of field with any lens, any format. The only way to have both owls sharp is to have them physically close together - either to allow them to both be sharp in the very limited depth of field of a long lens, or so that their size is comparable with a widerangle setting.

    Having said all of that, and bearing in mind my view that you should take the picture you can, not wish for hte one you can't, this works well. Having a secondary subject well out of focus but recognisable often works well - think an opera singer with the pianist in the background, or a footballer with the ref behind him.

    Neither the post the closer owl is sitting on nor the one in front of it is beautiful, but that can't be helped. Had you been able to move a fraction to the left you could have lost the out-of-focus post, and landscape format is an option - it just requires turning the camera.

    Dodging will allow yo uto brighten the owl without makign the post even more prominent, and a tighter crop at the top may be good.

    You got a characterful image in trying circumstances, and couldn't do more because you were carrying a bridge camera, not a professional wildlife outfit. There's no shame in that!

    -Thanks for replying, and for the advice, I specially like the way you dealt with that annoying out of focus pole in the foreground, I couldn't think of a good solution myself, and now I can undestand better how to crop my images and produce a optimal composition, thanks!

    Quote:ISO 400 would up the grain a touch, but also allow two stops faster shutter speed. That was the way to go. Or, look for a fence, gate post or something to rest the camera on.

    -Actually, increasing ISO to 400 would greatly degrade image quality, that's just how things works with older bridge cameras unfortunately. I've thought of that but considering the lens is not very sharp, I would not be able to further sharpen the image not even a little bit without bringing up too much noise; still, good advice, thanks.

    Quote:It is indeed underexposed, and by close to 0.66 as far as I can see.

    -Uh, That's my fault, actually I've a tendency of decreasing exposure, because I like dark things and I have decreased the exposure of this particular image on post process. You should see my smartphone lol, it's black everywhere and I've unninstalled facebook's messenger just because they've launched an update which made it white and white only, that's also the sole reason I don't buy any apple product.
    • 17 Jan 2017 4:22PM
  • Kingfisher with Fish by KBan

    What a gorgeous masterpiece! I wish my camera could get a photo with this level of detail.
    • 16 May 2015 1:38AM
  • I'm not even caring about you... by meuvoy

    Quote:So sad to see that bit of rope, someone has made a very inept attempt at keeping the bird captive. I hope someone can free the owl of the encumbrance. Is there any local bird or animal welfare group who might be interested in the problem? Here in the UK we would know who to contact...

    Yes, furthermore I've found an protected area being deforested just 2 km away from the place I've taken this picture. I've already documented everything with photographs and sent it to the local Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources.

    Quote:Try to resist the temptation to zoom in as close as you can get

    Actually I've zoomed so much because the camera have a little and noisy sensor so if the object is tiny in the image it will loose details. Camera was in continuous mode, so it took 16 shots, I think can take some more background from another picture and combine it, to make the recommended composition, I'll remember these tips next time.

    Thanks everyone for the tips, it really helped. Cheers Grin
    • 19 Dec 2014 3:08PM
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  • Posted on: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark V Review

    Sony really needs to start shipping cameras with a new, way larger battery!
    • 25 Nov 2016 8:11PM
  • Posted on: Sony A6500 With World's Fastest AF Speed Announced

    Touchscreen?? On a sony Body?? Where have this earthquake happened?
    • 9 Oct 2016 11:12PM
  • Posted on: Hasselblad H6D 100c Hands-On Preview

    Quote:Hmmmm - no price info . . . . . . I guess if you have to ask, you can't afford it!!

    That's Exactly what "Hasselblad" means!
    • 25 May 2016 9:35PM
  • Posted on: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Mark III Sample Photos

    That's a pretty nice 1" Sensor! Although I was expecting a little less noise since the latest sony sensors had impressed me with such good noise performance but I could spot some noise even on ISO 100 (very hard to see and will not bother anyone but its still there) and I'm assuming those were taken with the in-camera noise reduction ON; still impressive results for a bridge camera. and the IQ is visibly better than my HS50EXR. But definitely not worth $1300... Sony had to impress me again to justify this pricepoint
    • 21 Apr 2016 11:52PM
  • Posted on: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III Announced

    1250... I see it's a very good camera, and actually it can replace a DSLR if you want a more easy to carry thing, or at least sony has already proven that it can produce really good quality Sensors in 1" size but still.... I mean Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is less than 600 now and it delivers IQ beyond anything I could imagine in a bridge camera 2 years ago, Actually I think that the FZ1000 had its launch price bellow 1000. Sure, this sony have its virtues but to justify that price tag, I don't think so. But I will be looking forward in buying one of these, maybe in a sale some months from now when price drops.
    • 3 Apr 2016 5:32PM
  • Posted on: Nikon D5 High ISO Sample Images

    That's pointless! Why does it have such high ISO settings if it's practically impossible to produce a minimally decent image with those settings? And anyway where would someone need such high ISO? I thought that big space observatories had its own super mega ultra high sensitive sensors for capturing space images....
    • 30 Mar 2016 2:50PM
  • Posted on: Free Foliopic Lite For A Year & e2 For 1 Month!

    Thnaks, but I've already clicked on "click to open on christmas day", clicked on the link to the foliopic website, registered but no free ono month e2 membership for me...
    Anyone got the same problem / know where I went wrong?
    • 25 Dec 2014 6:13PM
  • Posted on: Olympus Stylus SP-100EE Review

    Sure that Olympus really make so much noise for nothing. Yeah Really the dot sight and the dot sight only are a interesting feature but that's all because the really important things are poor! The lens and the sensor, Actually my Smartphone can take better shots than this camera.
    • 25 Jun 2014 5:50PM
  • Posted on: Nikon Coolpix P600 Review

    Wow! That's a great Camera! Excelent sensor and lenses comparing to others compact cameras.
    I'm still missing one S.A.P.A.T.A for external flash and focus/zoom rings! Maybe a mic in? Till next time Nikon! I'm still waiting for the Fuji HS60EXR...
    hope the sensor and lens will be, at least, in the same level of this Nikon P600
    • 17 Apr 2014 7:29PM
  • Posted on: Nikon Coolpix P600 Hands-On Preview

    Apparently she have a sensor above the average for Compact cameras!
    • 27 Mar 2014 1:29AM
  • Posted on: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V Review

    Quote:Just to add to what I've already asked, I now also see that you reviewed the HX300 a year ago and gave it 4 and a half stars with a 'highly recommended' assessment. Is the hx400v not an improvement upon that earlier model in operation and image quality, yet it only has a 4 stars?

    if you compare the DSC HX 300 and the DSC HX400V you will clearly see that the HX300 have lenses really better than the HX400v! even though the 400v have a little better sensor; but final image quality isn't good because of the lenses! If sony had used the same camera and just changed the sensor the rating would be better! My personal veredict for the hx400v is: just a hx300 with a little better sensor and poor lenses featuring GPS, AMF and better battery duration nothing more nothing less. Summarizing: don't worth the money! Really if you ask me to choose one of the two I'll choose the HX300.

    As for the Canon SX50HS that's the only compacta camera with really decent image quality though her lost in features! exactly like the review describe:
    Lens Performance - Detail is really good at both ends of the lens, There isn't too much signs of purple fringing in contrasting areas.
    ISO Noise Performance - Noise is low at ISO 80 and 100, with very little appearing at ISO 200, 400 and 800.

    Unfortunately the SX50 have only 12MP but it is enough in most cases Try to look the high res sample images of the cameras you want to compare and you will see the difference in quality.
    • 25 Mar 2014 1:39AM

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