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Activity : Photo Comments


Really enjoying taking photos, im learning things about my camera & what i can achieve every day.
Thanks for taking time to look at my pics, hope you like them.
Comments, advice and criticism is very welcome!

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  • Robin by OAKEY

    No i like it central, especially with it having such a plain and simple background.
    Nice one Daddio! Smile
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 31 Jul 2010 9:36PM
  • SparrowHawk by OAKEY

    Lovely image Dad, bottom corner doesnt bother me either, fab details. Well captured in the woods Smile
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 31 Jul 2010 9:34PM
  • HoverFly by OAKEY

    Not your typical upload but just as good!!
    Really like this, fab details and colours captured Dad
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 19 Jun 2010 10:09PM
  • Woodpecker by OAKEY

    Brill details here, nice one!
    See you tomorrow!!

    Happy Fathers Day in advance!!!!! Smile

    Love Melissa xxxxxxx
    • 19 Jun 2010 10:07PM
  • Woodpecker by OAKEY

    Fab captures Dad, the crop doesnt bother me. Well done Smile
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 19 Jun 2010 10:04PM
  • MarshTit by OAKEY

    Little cuties here Dadda, saw the little mouse myself the other day when Mummy was holding me, he's sooo tiny like me, and very cute looking also like me Smile
    I like the diagonal composition Smile
    Love Isaacxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • 3 Jun 2010 9:57PM
  • BlueTit by OAKEY

    Abit of a dull looker but love the pose and the angle, oh and the grey background. Love ya, Melissa xxx
    • 3 Jun 2010 9:54PM
  • GoldFinch by OAKEY

    Lovely images Daddy Smile
    Keep moving the garden around is obviously paying off lol!!!
    See ya soon love Melissa & snoring Isaac xxx
    • 3 Jun 2010 9:52PM
  • GoldFinch by OAKEY

    Wow! This little red head is a beauty!! Fab pose and surroundings!! Sharp detail too. I have taught you well havent i !! lol!!!!
    Love ya,
    Melissa xxx
    p.s. Yes the female blackbird is very pretty indeed, lovely capture
    • 18 May 2010 9:23PM
  • Garden Delight by OAKEY

    Hello Daddy!! Lovely images, i think they both work well but i prefer V1 - all black. Effectively presented too Smile
    I enjoyed using your camera at Isaacs Christening, its very good Smile
    Isaac says hello Nanna & Dadda x
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 18 May 2010 9:19PM
  • Nuthatch by OAKEY

    Hey Dad, Lovely images but i think V2 should have had a post of its own Sad
    Great detail and colours in both.
    Laters xxxx
    • 16 Mar 2010 8:50AM
  • Menai Bridge by OAKEY

    I prefer V2 aswell, nice images though Dad xxx
    • 16 Mar 2010 8:46AM
  • Blue tit by OAKEY

    Nice shot Dad, love the perch and background - makes the colours of the bird stand out Smile
    Melissa xxx
    • 12 Mar 2010 11:31AM
  • Goldfinch by OAKEY

    Oh i really like this one Dad, lovely details, colours and what a fab perch! Smile I bet you're happier with this one Smile
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 12 Mar 2010 11:30AM
  • Greenfinch by OAKEY

    Lovely detail again Dad,maybe we'll see some flowers after the garden centre on Sunday????
    Love Melissa xxx
    • 12 Mar 2010 11:29AM
  • Blue Tit by OAKEY

    Morning Dadda,
    Little cutie here, lovely colours and detail. I would have put Oakey on the left hand side though Smile
    Love Isaac xxx Smile
    • 12 Mar 2010 11:27AM
  • Isaac the water baby by OAKEY

    I recognise that little man, thats my boy! What a stunner he is too. Yeah not a bad effort Dad but so they should be, after all, you have the best subject going - Isaac!!
    Nice that you're getting back into the swing of things Pa!
    Love Mummy Melissa & Isaac xxx
    • 28 Feb 2010 8:07PM
  • Flower by OAKEY

    Hey Dad, V1 for me. Natural background and i like to see pink and green together. V2 reminds me more of a firework!! Smile
    Love Melissa xx
    • 4 Jun 2009 12:40PM
  • Menia Bridge by OAKEY

    Yes congratulations Grandad!! & Grandma ofcourse!!! I know you've been bursting to tell people so there you go.
    You'll be great!!! Its Me & Matt that i'm worried about!!! lol!!!

    Great photo too, is this the one that Mum took???? lol!!! Smile

    Mummy to be Melissa xxx
    • 12 May 2009 9:00PM
  • Stamen by alfieB

    Fab close up!! Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:56PM
  • Gerbera by JanieB43

    Gorgeous image, lovely warmth from this. Nice one! Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:54PM
  • Up close and personal by Dave417

    I really like this!! Gorgeous colours and details. I do however think its maybe abit top heavy, maybe it work more if the image was turned 90degrees counter clockwise, so the middle of the flower was in the bottom left handcorner?
    Just a suggestion. Great close up!
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:49PM
  • Lotus. by hoang_van

    Fab capture, lovely lighting and details. Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:39PM
  • Spinning Magnolia by Anjantoo

    Clever work, works well too. Lovely colours, Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:37PM
  • Blue Wind by chase

    Great shot, love the colours and the little hairs on the stem. Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:36PM
  • Montage by whiteswan01

    Love this!! Very clever idea. Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:35PM
  • Tulips 2 by iancatch

    Another beauty Ian. Work? on a Saturday!! lol!!! Have fun!!
    • 18 Apr 2009 2:32PM
  • Pretty in pink by Rachel99

    Lovely colours here, like the swirly layers of petals, Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 1:05PM

    Wow! Great image, lovely fine details, Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 1:04PM
  • female Chaffinch by pluckyfilly

    Nice shot Ann, Melissa
    • 18 Apr 2009 1:02PM