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A quick view of MGJ's recent activity.

  • The last Breath

    Lucky to catch one out in daylight! Lovely shot.
    • 20 Nov 2015 1:29PM
  • Stephanie

    I really wouldn't like to meet this woman. She looks narrow eyed and spiteful to me and the deeper lighting in the eyes contributes to that. Is that really what the photographer wanted to say about her? Or more importantly, is that what she is like?
    • 20 Nov 2015 12:02PM
  • Peacefully in a tree

    I love the intensity of gaze you get with the big cats. They are either spark out asleep, or there is that alert penetrating gaze. (and flies!!)
    • 22 Jul 2015 7:05AM
  • Elephant bull Tarangire Tanzania

    Thank you - have altered the original RAW and it does bring out more detail. The latitude was there. Appreciated.
    • 3 Jul 2015 2:57PM
  • Roue de charette

    It difficult, because its well exposed and there is fine detail, but I'd prefer to see a bit more contrast in the light arriving on this face. The front face is really quite flat, so there is not much to find in the textures. The biggest problem though is that there is nothing to hold the eye strongly in the picture, to balance those very strong diagonals and the curve. Naturally one will read this left to right, and the cross lines are so strong that I have by passed that intersection of the spoke and rim, and kept going out of the frame bottom right.

    For this kind of thing one might have tried to set up a spiral, or triangle of points of interest (light/dark and or shapes) to try and keep the eye in the pic, or give it some depth. These spirals don't have to be all in focus or continuous, but they are very effective at retaining interest in design.

    Does this say what it is that interested you - the photographer?
    • 30 May 2015 12:38AM
  • Battle Weary Tommy

    Lovely gritty shot, but I am afraid that for me, the pic doesn't tell the story of the title. He isn't weary. There isn't that strain on the face that says this trooper has been on ops for the last xx hours or so. There is no dirt, no set to the shoulders, no shadows under the eyes from sleepless nights on sentry and dawn stand to.

    Always a very difficult on re-enactments, because at the end of the day its a game. And being on the border in NI, or patrolling in Iraq or a 6 week patrol in the jungles of Malaysia is not.

    Its a wonderful detailed shot, wonderful - but, I cannot relate to it in the way that I can to some of those of much lower quality from Vietnam.
    • 29 May 2015 5:58PM
  • Beautiful Monika

    Lovely concept - very arresting and direct. Admire the differential focus and sharpness.

    Hand is a bit difficult, because it does and it doesn't for me. On my screen I have to rejig sizes to get it all on, which loses the hand and it doesn't detract from the impact at all. Perhaps a few inclinations of shoulders just to create an angle or two? Contrapposto - not essential of course and a matter of opinion, but it does tend to add interest.

    The only significant comment for me, is that the shot is short of contrast, so as a B&W its plainly a bit murky isn't it? Clearly one wouldn't want in your face contrast, but for me it wants that bit of a shine thats indicative of a top notch B&W.

    Like it a lot. Its so good that personally I'd take the trouble to reprocess and make it excellent.
    • 24 Jan 2015 9:13AM
  • You have rather inspired me.

    I like the ones of the roe doe - presumably the same one if you have been mostly in the same area. Much better than anything that I have done with deer - but then managing them professionally for 15 years, while I have looked at many through high powered optics - those optics were not on a camera! And I'm certainly not getting out of bed early for a deer again!!! Our perspectives are probably slightly different. I also think you have done well getting such good shots pix of wild deer. Tolerably tame park deer are much easier (though not as easy as many might suppose)

    But the insects - that's opened my eyes. Thankyou.