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old marine station

old marine station by williamsloan

You've gone all wibbley wobbley ode lad Wink

The Silk Mill

The Silk Mill by Gavin_Duxbury


Has all the fencing gone now? Am I right in thinking this was taken with the river on your right and the Cathedral on your left as we look at it.



Dan by salopian

Hi Geoff,

Good "off the cuff" capture, why do our children and grandchildren of a certain age have that cheeky smile and look, they must be content Wink

Geoff apart from the noise issue, which you can reduce a little I think I would be tempted to darken the image but remove any adjustments from the eyes to keep that twinkle. You can do this you can in many ways with adjustments like levels, curves, exposure etc, To my eye a slightly darker image brings out that cheekyness.

Take care

stone's view

stone's view by shashank4567

Hi Shashank,

You have to remeber that all forms of art are subjective as is the case with digital photography, you will always get different opinions, which is a good thing. I don't mind the rock in the foreground and I also thing a more dramatic sky would have helped but clearly that wasn't happening at the time of the shot. There are things you can do with this image and one would be to give it a tranquil / dreamy feel by smothing the water, reducing the noise and bringing out the colours that are there, but there are limits.

Take on board what Mike and Paul have said then next time try some of those suggestions.

Posted mod

Take care

Snow dog

Snow dog by IJKphotography

Hi Izzy,

What a great looking dog, is this a Siberian ? Love those eyes.

Izzy by scenery do you mean the white backgound and the falling snow, in which case leave it, it works for me. With regards to the camera angle, if you have not cropped this image I think I may have pointed the camera up slightly to give a little more room at the top.

I don't know if you have thought about a Black & White image but to my mind this image can work with that convertion, I like this image as it is but B & W is just another thing to think about.

I just had to do a black & white mod using a gradient map adjustment Wink and added a little to the top taken a little off the left. I do not claim it to be better, just different

Take care Izzy

Wall on Winshields 2

Wall on Winshields 2 by Nigeve1

Hi Nigel,

I agree with Alan that the wall is a Lead in Line that takes your eye to Crag Lough but I then find my eye's trying to leave the image, never a good thing. Now, I do not know ther area so I'm talking hypothetically, if there was also interest to the right by turning more that way it would make a better image compositionally. The wall would then still lead you to Crag Lough but your eye would not be lead towards the right hand side and out of the image.

Nigel, forgive me for butchering your image Wink but i've put togeather a mod to show what I mean.

I'm not saying you will ever be able to capture that image but it will give you another idea on how the lead in can be used.

As with any form of art it's all subjective what works for my eye will not work for another's

Take care

Rising tide 2

Rising tide 2 by STEVELIN

Hi Steve,

Looks much better to me, did you use the grad as a mask?

Just noticed your © Name , do you write it each time? and do you know it is very easy to turn it into a brush in PS

Take care

Sundown on the lake

Sundown on the lake by merkury

Hi Ros,

A nice scene with potential. I love the colour reflections in the water.

I'm not sure what you used to capture this but I suspect you have some form of digital editing programe as it looks like you have already tried to level the horizon as Mike suggested. I've added a black boarder to the image in mod 1 to help show the white area running across the bottom from the left, this will sometimes happen when using persective crop.

In mod 2, I have straightened the horizon and cropped a lot from the top as to my eyes you have to much blue sky and you need to concentrate more on the colours. This has placed the horizon across the middle of the frame which can work well with an image like this. I've also made a few adjustments to the colours by using auto tone and auto contrast, I would normally make manual adjustments but again not knowing what programe you have I thought this would be easier for you to follow.

Ros, always make a copy before making adjustments and save the original untouched that way in a few months time you can always go back to the image and make different adjustments as your skillls grow.

Take care

At Speed.

At Speed. by paulbroad

Hi Paul,

I agree with George I also don't think you need any blur on the car. Instead of writting down the way I would retouch this image I've found this tutorial that you may find interesting


Hope it helps


Wall on Winshields

Wall on Winshields by Nigeve1

Hi Nigel,

I understand your concern about the foreground rocks, I along with many others love capturing scenes in the Peak District and you would think with the ammount of rocks it would be easy to get some great foreground interest, which is not always the case Sad , although I do think in this image the rocks work and they are not over dominant.

My concern is the wall, for me it's not acting very well as a leading line, a leading line acts as a path for the eye to follow through an image. Usually they start at the bottom of the frame and guide the eye upwards and inwards, from the foreground to background, typically leading toward the main subject. When using lines to direct the viewer’s attention there are two simple rules that work to make a stronger image. First, make sure that the lines always point toward the most important object or area in the image, this will take the viewer’s eye directly to that area and secondly, make sure that the lines never point outside of the image. Lines that point outside will make the viewer’s eye leave the image, not something you want Wink and weakens the image which may result in the viewer losing interest in the image entirely.

Of course leading lines can be Vertival, Horizontal, Diagonal and Curved, in fact any shape.

For the wall to have worked in this way I think you would need to be a lot closer to it and if there's a gate or style in it use that as your foreground interest and have the wall leading you to the water and distant hills.

This is just my view and what works for my eye may not work for other's.

Take care

Rising tide

Rising tide by STEVELIN

Hi Steve,

I like this, in fact I wish I was in an area to capture a shot like this, I think you have foreground interest with the grass, the waves breaking and a stormy sky. What more do you want Wink

I do think you have a cleaning job on your hands as there are some spots in the sky, I've posted a mod with the three most prominent ones but I think there is more.

If you have photoshop this is what I've done with the second mod. First make a copy then go to "Image" > "Adjustments" > "Levels" I slightly lightened the image by bringing the white pointer in towards the middle and then moved the black pointer also towards the middle, the values in the boxes were Black 8 - Midtones 1.00 Whites 198 . Then make another copy and add a layer mask, click on the layer mask to make it active and slecet your "Gradient" tool making sure it has the default setting of black to white. Now click on the image opposite the mask to make that active and draw a line from just below the horizon to the top of the image, if you hold down the shift button on your keyboard as you do this it will draw a straight line. If you look at the layer mask it will now show the gradient as black at the bottom to white towards the top, this is just a quick way of making a selection of the sky. Now go to "Image" > "Adjustments" > "Shadows / Highlights" and slightly alter the midtones and whites to add a bit of stormy drama to the sky, you can also alter the darker colours it's just a case of playing until you like the result. After merging the layers I then made another copy and added 10% saturation, I normally use vibrance but in this case saturation gave a better result to my eyes. I did think there was to much sky so I made a small crop to the top. Wink

Keep playing Steve you do have an image with potential Grin


Dawn at the Coast

Dawn at the Coast by flowerpower59

Hi Fiona,

Nooooo, don't bin it Wink

I guess your using PS and I'm sure you know that when you open your RAW file it opens in the Basic Adjustment Panel and any "Red" warnings on your image are
pixels clipped in the highlights and any "Blue" areas on your image are pixels Clipped in the blacks/shadows. When using the basic sliders to recover any detail that may be there hold down the "Alt" button (or Option if using a Mac) while clicking on a slider and this will turn your image black but allow the areas to show through that need adjusting, red and blue areas. Once you open the image into PS make a copy and select "Overlay" from your blending modes and reduce the opacity to suit (I reduced it to 25%) This mode makes the dark colours darker and light colours lighter and should give you a stronger silhouette against the yellow in the sky.

In the V1 mod I also lightend the midtones very slightly in levels and cropped some off the top.

Looking at your pf Fiona I'm possibly telling you things you already know Grin .

Take care

Old harbour wall 2

Old harbour wall 2 by billmyl

Hi Bill,

I love the soft muted colours in the sky and the use of the wall as a "Leadig Line" to take your eye out to the sea. Usually leading lines start at the bottom of the frame and guide the eye upwards and inwards, from the foreground of the image to the background which is what you've acheived in your image, although I feel that the far end of wall cut's into the center to much in this instance.

I think if you had slightly turned to your right before taking the shot it may have made a more pleasing image as to my eye there is nothing of interest to the left of the wall (this is my opinion only) I would also liked to have seen a little more sky which would have placed the horizon along the top horizontal line of the "Thirds" (does that make sense Wink ) of course what works for my eye will not always work for someone else.

Simple composition using the "rule of thirds" which is one of the main “rules” in art and photographic can sometimes make a better balanced image for the eye. Using the rule of thirds images are divided with two imaginary lines vertically and two lines horizontally (like Tic-tac-toe or Noughts and Crosses) making three columns, three rows, and nine sections, important elements in your image are placed on or near the imaginary lines and where the lines intersect.

There are more than one way to compose an image but the rule of thirds is a simple and very effective way to start.

Bill I've posted a mod where I have added a little to the top and to the right to shown what I mean.

Take care

Dawn over my village Brookenby Lincolnshire Wolds

Dawn over my village Brookenby Lincolnshire Wolds by brookman

Hi John,

There is a few simple adjustments you could make to your image but I'm not sure what you want to achieve. In your photo editing program if you go to "Levels" and in the window that opens (if you're using PS) click on the "Default" tab and select "Lighten Shadows" this is one way to make the houses stand out more as silhoettes and in fact brighten the dark areas of the image slightly. You could then go to "Colour Balance" select "Midtones" and move the yellow / blue slider slightly towards the yellow and the cyan / red slider slightly towards the cyan, you can then select shadows in the same window and make the same adjustments. The colour balance will give a better tone and boost the sky slightly.

John, there are so many ways to digitalaly retouch an image whithout knowing what you want to produce it's hard to do a mod Wink

Take care



Impact by neil75

Hi Neil,

I've tried this on a few rainy nights in the garage and they worked out quite well, as you know it sounds easy to capture but it's all down to trial and error and a bit of practice Grin .

To make life easier sit a bowl of water on a small table with a plastic bag filled with water suspended above you also want a white background standing up behind the bowl, a piece of A4 or a backdrop to bounce the flash off on to the water. Ideally you would use "Off Camera Flash" you can buy a small sender unit which slots on to your camera hotshoe and receivers that fit on to your flash unit from E**y (on line auction) Wink from between £10 - £20 (I guess) these will then fire the flash when you press the shutter even though the flash is not fitted to the camera, a must bit of cheap kit for anyone into "Strobism". Set the flash power to around 1/16th so it's not to strong, any stronger may burn out the highlights, again trial and error Wink and place the flash unit to the side of your camera and aim it so thats it's hitting the white background, not the water as you want to bounce the flash. With your camera on a tripod select f/8 (that what I use) on "manual" and maybe a shutter speed of 1/125th which should be well within your sinc speed for the flash. Next make a small pin hole in the bag so the water drops start to fall and with your camera on a tripod switch your camera into manual focusing mode, as the bags and bowl do not move the drops should fall more or less in the same place everytime so to focus your camera hold a pen or something and place the point where the drops hit the water and focus on that point, the pen gives you something to focus on. You're now ready to go, have some fun but keep a towel and lens cloth nearby.

Neil if you have a remote or shutter release cable it's best to use this to remove any camera shake.

I will upload as a mod one of my efforts, I think my settings were:

Keep playing

Bridge at Sommiere with HDR

Bridge at Sommiere with HDR by suejoh

Hi Sue,

V2 for me, I think V1 is a little over the top with the green (Well to my eye's Grin ) in the sky and the white band around the trees and buildings.

Sue it's good to play around in photoshop, you can't do any harm to a copy but you can learn a lot Wink As you have PS, if you want to achieve a subtle HDR look to an image try going to "Image" > "Adjustments" > "Shadows / Highlights" . With this adjustment you can brighten shadows in an otherwise well‑lit image. The Shadow/Highlight command does not simply lighten or darken an image, it lightens or darkens based on the surrounding pixels in the shadows or highlights, there are separate controls of the shadows and the highlights. The defaults are set to fix images with backlighting problems althought this is not always the best result.

Keep playing Sue

Take care


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Good stuff Ken, I will watch and learn.