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Thanks for calling in, have a look around and let me know if there's something you like or don't like. Constructive criticism is a good way to improve and only a fool thinks they know it all Wink If you want to send a private message please feel free, I will always reply.

Take care & keep shooting.

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A quick view of mhfore's recent activity.

  • old marine station

    You've gone all wibbley wobbley ode lad Wink
    • 10 Feb 2014 8:00PM
  • The Silk Mill


    Has all the fencing gone now? Am I right in thinking this was taken with the river on your right and the Cathedral on your left as we look at it.

    • 22 Jan 2014 1:52PM
  • Dan

    Hi Geoff,

    Good "off the cuff" capture, why do our children and grandchildren of a certain age have that cheeky smile and look, they must be content Wink

    Geoff apart from the noise issue, which you can reduce a little I think I would be tempted to darken the image but remove any adjustments from the eyes to keep that twinkle. You can do this you can in many ways with adjustments like levels, curves, exposure etc, To my eye a slightly darker image brings out that cheekyness.

    Take care
    • 20 Jan 2014 6:45PM
  • stone's view

    Hi Shashank,

    You have to remeber that all forms of art are subjective as is the case with digital photography, you will always get different opinions, which is a good thing. I don't mind the rock in the foreground and I also thing a more dramatic sky would have helped but clearly that wasn't happening at the time of the shot. There are things you can do with this image and one would be to give it a tranquil / dreamy feel by smothing the water, reducing the noise and bringing out the colours that are there, but there are limits.

    Take on board what Mike and Paul have said then next time try some of those suggestions.

    Posted mod

    Take care
    • 16 Jan 2014 1:44PM
  • Snow dog

    Hi Izzy,

    What a great looking dog, is this a Siberian ? Love those eyes.

    Izzy by scenery do you mean the white backgound and the falling snow, in which case leave it, it works for me. With regards to the camera angle, if you have not cropped this image I think I may have pointed the camera up slightly to give a little more room at the top.

    I don't know if you have thought about a Black & White image but to my mind this image can work with that convertion, I like this image as it is but B & W is just another thing to think about.

    I just had to do a black & white mod using a gradient map adjustment Wink and added a little to the top taken a little off the left. I do not claim it to be better, just different

    Take care Izzy
    • 7 Jan 2014 1:35PM
  • Wall on Winshields 2

    Hi Nigel,

    I agree with Alan that the wall is a Lead in Line that takes your eye to Crag Lough but I then find my eye's trying to leave the image, never a good thing. Now, I do not know ther area so I'm talking hypothetically, if there was also interest to the right by turning more that way it would make a better image compositionally. The wall would then still lead you to Crag Lough but your eye would not be lead towards the right hand side and out of the image.

    Nigel, forgive me for butchering your image Wink but i've put togeather a mod to show what I mean.

    I'm not saying you will ever be able to capture that image but it will give you another idea on how the lead in can be used.

    As with any form of art it's all subjective what works for my eye will not work for another's

    Take care
    • 7 Jan 2014 8:43AM
  • Rising tide 2

    Hi Steve,

    Looks much better to me, did you use the grad as a mask?

    Just noticed your Name , do you write it each time? and do you know it is very easy to turn it into a brush in PS

    Take care
    • 6 Jan 2014 8:01PM
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  • Good stuff Ken, I will watch and learn.
    • Posted on franken's profile
    • 1 Sep 2011 12:09PM