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A quick view of MichaelBHanney's recent activity.

  • Looking Back

    Really lovely, natural looking portrait Martin - very well done.

    • 10 Nov 2014 9:01PM
  • The Invader

    I like the symmetry of the first one I think - shame the little blighter wouldn't turn round. As to indecision, one thing I'm trying to do is take fewer pictures and spend more time just looking and thinking (pretend you're using large format film and it's going to cost a fiver every time you press the shutter). Sometimes it seems to help, other times i'm not sure .....
    • 4 Nov 2014 1:03PM
  • The Infinity Pool

    If there were two people whose fancies I'd like to tickle ..........
    • 3 Nov 2014 10:00PM
  • Eyes to the Soul

    Hello Martin - wistful is just the right word, and really like this composition and treatment.

    • 3 Nov 2014 9:01PM
  • Rewarded with Light

    Hello Martin, glad you're still getting out and about - and staying optimistic!

    • 3 Nov 2014 7:58PM
  • Where The Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

    Really well done - and a nicely placed moon!

    • 3 Nov 2014 7:53PM
  • The remains of the Day

    Does look a bit chilly! It has a quiet, slightly bleak feel for me, which I like and can be lost when pictures are over-processed - which this isn't.

    Was in your neck of the woods (Whitby) a couple of weeks ago - didn't really have time for any proper photography though.

    Best regards - hope you're bearing up!

    • 2 Oct 2014 1:06PM
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