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I think I am maybe a frustrated wanna-be painter! My first love was film and fantasy, and I used to draw/sketch and thought I would go into art/design. Then music hit me, and I studied it in music college and started writing songs and finding my voice in that. Then digital photography and Photoshop came my way, and my first love came back to me. Now I can take photos but push them more into the painting aesthetic that I could never achieve in my drawing.
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  • the Strange Self Portrait of Dr. Henry Jekyll (revisited)

    Hi David, I use keys symbolically a lot, and I thought it seemed appropriate here, and yes, unlocking the inner monster, Mr. Hyde, plus, a little floating key I thought added a little visual interest.

    Dave, totally fine with the original - the thing that drove me most crazy about it thought was the crop was too tight. That was the main thing.

    Thank you Peter!
    • 7 Aug 2013 10:54AM
  • Deleted Scenes

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!
    • 6 Aug 2013 1:36AM
  • the Soul Cages

    how do people do what?
    • 29 Jul 2013 7:38PM
  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

    Hi Davic and Dave, thanks for the comments and the thoughts. I am not sure I could answer that objectively lol. I think deeply when I need to, and I suppose I am what people would call "overly analytical" but I can turn it off too. I like dumb comedy as much as smart comedy. I would admit to some depression and some issues too, but not sure I deserve the term genius in any way. I don't have a lot of opportunities for deep philosophical discussions either so maybe I just spew it here in my blurbs Smile
    • 28 Jul 2013 9:09PM
  • One For Sorrow

    Thank you Nathan and Christine! Regards, Michael
    • 21 Jul 2013 5:15PM
  • an Animal Death

    thanks for your comments Sandy, Hector, and Alda. I appreciate the sharing of experiences, even if they were terrible. I have been luckily spared from the human version of this, and I am sure it is incredibly difficult to witness.

    Alda, the red, if you mean in the foreground, was an attempt to stain the water with a hint of blood.
    • 6 Jul 2013 4:05PM
  • a Preference for Fiction

    Thank you Dave and Nathan!
    • 3 Jul 2013 1:26PM
  • Hi Clint,

    A really striking and engaging portfolio - really nice work - look forward to following you!

    • Posted on clintQB's profile
    • 23 Aug 2012 10:14PM