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Thanks to everyone for taking time to look at my images and a big thankyou to all who vote and leave comments - much appreciated. Michael
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  • Out Take by michaelcombe

    Quote:It's a beauty Michael. From someone who came from a portrait background let me say this is very, very nice. Think you have found your niche. And luckily it is where the money is!!


    Thanks very much mate Wink
    • 12 Jan 2011 8:59PM
  • Loch Droma by Sue_R

    This is beautiful Sue. Loving the mercury-ness of the frozen water, a winner this one!

    • 9 Jan 2011 9:18PM
  • Mam Tor pathway by RoyChilds

    Great shot, a great lead in!

    • 9 Jan 2011 9:12PM
  • Apple of my eye by michaelcombe

    Quote:This is soooo much better than your previous shot of her.I didn't like the other one as I thought it looked amateurish....but this is much more professional and more interesting to look at. Good colour and you have sorted the background shadow..

    Thanks! Nice to see I'm learning a bit lol!
    • 5 Jan 2011 3:38PM
  • K. by topol

    Some really nice lighting, the hair is spot on too!

    • 5 Jan 2011 3:30PM
  • Durdle Door by Les_Cornwell

    A classic shot with some great light and water movement.

    • 5 Jan 2011 3:28PM
  • Portrait by Iain_C

    This works well Iain. You've taken time to set things up right and it's the little details that pay dividends.

    Having got a lastolite hilite and studio lights last week I am also learning the ropes!

    Really nice shot,

    • 5 Jan 2011 3:28PM

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  • Posted on TonyPrower's profile

    Stunning portfolio - all crackers!


    • 27 Oct 2010 4:47PM
  • Posted on KathyW's profile

    Hi Kathy,

    You have a great portfolio, such a diverse range of subjects which all work perfectly.

    Great work and I look forward to seeing more!

    • 30 Aug 2010 4:51PM
  • Posted on Coleslaw's profile

    I didn't realise I hadn't commented on your portfolio until now - some cracking shots here mate - keep 'em coming!

    • 18 Aug 2010 9:45PM
  • Posted on mattw's profile

    A great portfolio Matt, some absolute belters in there.

    • 18 Aug 2010 1:25PM
  • Posted on Landlord's profile

    Some really nice shots Phil, I don't know how your work has escaped me for so long.

    • 19 Jun 2010 7:38PM
  • Posted on garymcparland's profile

    The one thing I think you can't teach someone when it comes to photography is composition; you either have an eye for it or you don't... Gary you certainly do have the eye for it.

    Great portfolio mate, keep it up!

    • 13 Jun 2010 7:13PM
  • Posted on Uppercut's profile

    Wow, excellent portfolio, I really don't understand how I've missed these over the last twelve months!

    • 4 May 2010 9:58PM
  • Posted on HelenO's profile

    An absolutely outstanding portfolio - allof your shots are crackers, well done!

    • 10 Apr 2010 6:38PM
  • Posted on JamesAppleton's profile

    Awesome portfolio - some great inspiration here!

    • 17 Feb 2010 8:01PM
  • Posted on Hugeknot's profile

    A great portfolio - I don't know how I missed these for so long!

    • 8 Feb 2010 8:50PM
  • Posted on Sezz's profile

    Great portfolio Sarah, some fantastic inspiration here!

    • 6 Feb 2010 6:53PM
  • Posted on sut68's profile

    Awesome portfolio Paul - some great inspiration here!

    • 26 Jan 2010 11:57PM
  • Posted on Paul_Forgham's profile

    Awesome portfolio - some great inspiration here!

    • 26 Jan 2010 11:56PM
  • Posted on Scottishlandscapes's profile

    Just stumbled across your portfolio.

    Some absolutely amazing shots, some great inspiration for my next trip to Scotland in the New Year.
    • 26 Dec 2009 5:21PM

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