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Thank you all for taking the time to look at my portfolio, please feel free to be as honest and brutal as you like with the comments, i can handle it :o)
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  • Gemma

    Thanks everyone for the comments, cheers for the critique Tony, i hadnt spotted that till you mentioned it, something to look out for next time Smile
    • 31 Aug 2009 9:58PM
  • York Minster 1

    Thanks Mike, not bad for a first crack at it Smile
    While im here, ive just become a full member but i can still only upload one image a day.......any ideas what i need to do to correct this ? cheers.
    • 29 Aug 2009 10:22PM

    Im selling this as a limited edition print so didnt want to post it too large, and yes it does begin with a F.
    • 12 Nov 2007 11:23PM
  • Golden glow

    WOW, superb.
    • 1 Sep 2007 12:21AM
  • in dreams

    WOW , This shot is awesome, one of the best ive seen so far, spot on.
    • 1 Sep 2007 12:19AM
  • Osteospermum

    Cheers for all the comments Graeme.
    • 1 Sep 2007 12:16AM
  • molly

    Fantasic shot, can't help but go awww !
    • 1 Sep 2007 12:12AM