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I am at this time currently experimenting in the world of digital photography. Most of my studies are in and around nature. I use a lot of natural lighting. I like to take close up shots in nature every chance I can get. I currently do not use state of the art equipment but plan to upgrade soon. Most of the photo's you will see here are taken with a Sony DSC S75 Cybershot. Some with a tripod, but most of my shots are hand held. I also tweak some of photos in Paint Shop Pro9, and recently have gotten Photoshop. (haven't installed it yet!) Looking forward to comments to better improve my overall art in photography.

Update May 2006:

I have added my boyfriend, Skeet to this profile. He is the one who got me my e2 membership. He also likes to comment on the photo's he likes. I will try to remind him to to sign his comments as to avoid confusion for anyone.
Also I have not uploaded any pics for quite some time and hope to soon get back into the swing of things. Recent health issuses have kept me busy with appts. and not much time to devote to my photography.

Thanks for taking a look at my photos, I know, not many to look at! But I will work on that!


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