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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • catch by bzbee

    phenomenal shot...shots that capture a creature in motion & in an unusual pose (IMHO) set wildlife photos apart & raise the bar
    • 2 Aug 2008 11:12PM
  • Bird? by andw100

    stork of some kind...
    • 13 Apr 2008 8:21PM
  • Peregrine Falcon by Chrism8

    Great shot...but ...gotta sure that's a peregrine? Is it an immature? Asking because adults are dark & usually have a very dark "helmet". This looks like a lanner...asking 'cause I'm curious.
    • 13 Apr 2008 8:18PM
  • Red-Eye, Osprey by create

    I really like the framing of this- makes for an unusual composition...and it is an osprey
    • 28 Nov 2006 5:44PM
  • Water world by mark

    Wow...stunning...would love to see this larger
    • 12 Apr 2006 5:37AM
  • Filly Foal by NealeW

    very nice
    • 14 Mar 2006 3:09PM
  • All Roads lead to Paris! by Brady23

    I like has such potential...if any recent photo screams to be larger, it's this the sepia...reminds me of an old panoramic postcard...
    • 13 Mar 2006 3:04PM
  • ariel combat by ianpics

    image is a little difficult to make out-details etc....but...chance action photos are hard to get, set up and pose....I think you managed a great capture of a dramatic moment in nature
    • 3 Mar 2006 7:59AM
  • Mallard by Digisnap

    compositionally cool shot...I like the figure in the photo for scale...well done
    • 28 Feb 2006 9:21AM
  • Red Shouldered Hawk #12 by maures53

    • 3 Feb 2006 8:54AM
  • Hovering by creative_sara

    wicked capture...very unusual
    • 1 Oct 2007 3:58PM
  • Owl by Cole

    from an ornithological point of view, the full bird would've been great, but as a super action shot, the close crop works great and is very artistic. Well done!
    • 4 Mar 2006 8:13AM
  • In the window by johntisbury

    great juxtaposition of the window's strict geometry & texture of the peeling paint vs the model's more fluid lines/form
    • 19 Sep 2007 6:22AM
  • Low flying by geoffash26

    very cool...very unusual & arresting point of view
    • 28 Aug 2007 5:12PM
  • Sea Eagle? by janehewitt

    great shot...if I were to hazard a guess- African Fishing Eagle
    • 17 Aug 2007 12:08AM
  • Golden Eagle? by Hailwood

    ferrungus hawk? great action shot
    • 25 Jul 2007 5:54AM
  • On the flight line by javam

    very cool...tho, just to be niggling...German planes in the background...German pilots wore blue-grey uniforms (generally, except in N. Africa), the khaki otherwise gives him a very American feel. Like I said...niggling...the piece has tons of drama & character in it
    • 11 Jul 2007 5:39PM
  • Red Kite by neilsgti16v

    great that should go large
    • 13 Jun 2007 3:43AM
  • disturbed (closeup) by cat_mc

    love the colors and the detail of the eye
    • 25 Apr 2007 5:35PM
  • Eagle by DCWatters

    um...not a falcon...sea-eagle...magnificent bird
    • 15 Dec 2006 7:16PM
  • Sittin Pretty by klewis

    great photo...I'm guessing from lack of banding and jesses this is a wild bird(?) wonderful balance between the bird and the gnarly stump he's perched on
    • 17 Mar 2007 5:23PM
  • raven mad by TerryBaxter

    Great capture...looks like it's somebody's raven (falconers tresses?) on its legs. Obviously one of the more sensitive varieties of ravens, vs the "Never more!" types. Good story to go with the pic
    • 15 Jul 2006 4:36PM
  • Quad World (Modified) by BenF

    I prefer this version. It is a stronger image without the distraction of the lettering. The treatment of the sky is effective as well. Good job.
    • 19 Jun 2006 2:44PM
  • digital angel by k_sanderson5685

    I agree with Gray22. I think it would be stronger minus the text, otherwise, very original interpretation
    • 1 Apr 2006 2:32PM
  • Kestrel by peter_oak

    wonderful portrait, nicely balanced- but I don't think it's a kestrel. I think it's an immature peregrine, or perhaps a hybrid.
    • 24 Mar 2006 9:49AM
  • Harris Hawk ? by cantona43

    golden eagle, I think...harris hawks tend to be black w/ "red" shoulders
    • 12 Mar 2006 7:20AM
  • Southwell South Aisle by redstag

    great range of subtle colors...very nice
    • 11 Mar 2006 11:00AM
  • Owl by shifti

    I like the light around the owl, & the crowd in the background...makes you wonder who watching who...
    • 10 Mar 2006 4:41PM
  • out there by bzbee

    another excellent shot...the eagle looks well fed!
    • 10 Mar 2006 8:30AM
  • right wing down by bzbee

    you'll have to announce when the book comes out...all these consistently amazing photos...
    • 6 Mar 2006 5:55PM