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Mike Gray's Blog

Mike Gray

Thankyou for looking at my images.
I trust you may find something of interest in my portfolio and if there is a way you can help me improve, then please send me a PM.

Thanks Mike
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  • The Xmas belly

    Well Xmas has gone and like myself a large number out here will be complaining the belly has grown a few inches. Well this year i have found i have not pigged out so much and had the will power to be better (but still could improve). I find it hard ...0

    29 Dec 2008 8:00PM  |  Read


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  • Life after the PC

    Ok it seems so many people are making the jump now to a mac and now after my jump i have people at work now doing the same. Apple products are on the more expensive side to the normal everyday PC. I personally think people just like there looks, easy...0

    31 Oct 2008 10:58AM  |  Read


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  • The 9-5 day

    Is it just me feeling a little low or do other people get the same feeling that when you go to work and work hard day in and day out and all the other stuff, that you just don't get the thanks that you deserve while others take the piss out of the wo...0

    21 Oct 2008 8:48PM  |  Read


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  • Car photography

    Well sometimes we all get a little stale at what we do, so i work in a Vauxhall garage and i'm thinking to myself lets do some car images and after showing my boss a few of the great images on the site. He agrees to let try some of our cars against l...0

    24 Sep 2008 7:14PM  |  Read


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  • Adobe CS4 is coming

    Well don't you just know it. Just 3 weeks ago i called Adobe to upgrade my Design suite to 3.3 and they let me convert it to a Mac product too at the same time. Then low and behold i get an e-mail today saying CS4 is coming some and to preorder. So ...0

    23 Sep 2008 8:35PM  |  Read


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  • Windows to Apple mac

    Ok a few people i know have made the jump and not had any regrets, so had a few chats and visits to Apple shops etc, so i made the jump myself. Adobe where great in transfering my Creative suite 3 over to Mac. Its a Mac pro buy the way, lovely shin...0

    18 Sep 2008 12:43PM  |  Read


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  • Sorting things out

    Ok you might see a few entry's for today as i have taken my little news stories and placed them into my blog section, which i hope to use a bit more now i have renewed my E2 membership which lapsed due to work and home life. I also hope to be postin...0

    18 Sep 2008 11:08AM  |  Read


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  • Day out 18/03/08

    Taken the day off and popped out with Kris and Phil to do some inland shots. Weather looked very promising until about 30 mins before we were due to meet and then the clouds came in. Drove around, up and down some lovely places but those clouds did n...0

    18 Sep 2008 11:04AM  |  Read


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  • Portland mini meet

    26/01/08 Invited out to Portland Bill with Keith, Maddie and Robb, only Maddie and Keith arrived 30 mins after sunrise, still company was nice, light was good to. Oh and thanks to Keith for the breakfast at Whitestones Cafe Gallery on Portland. Even...0

    18 Sep 2008 10:54AM  |  Read


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  • Wedding

    Shot the wedding of Bill & Tina, he is a scots man and wore a kilt along with bestman and Dad. Great couple full of happiness.0

    18 Sep 2008 10:52AM  |  Read


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  • Day out

    Out for the day with Phil (Phil's Photography) popped to Arne nature reserve for a few shroom shots and some misty tree stuff, then fish and chips on the Wareham harbour, followed by a visit to Dungy head next door to lulworth cove for a great locati...0

    18 Sep 2008 10:51AM  |  Read


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  • Wedding

    Photographed the wedding of Mark and Judy on Saturday a great couple to shoot, very laid back couple with some great guests who made my job so much easier than normal, even if half of the guests tried to get away into the bar to watch the England foo...0

    18 Sep 2008 10:50AM  |  Read


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  • Dorset meet 07/10/07

    Oh yes i went on the Dorset meet (07/10/07) as Katieb decided to venture out of Norfolk and visit our area. Well had a pretty good day dispite the very flat lifeless clouds, still we had a good laugh. It was a shame Debster cancelled due to a hospita...0

    18 Sep 2008 10:49AM  |  Read


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