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Hi, I'm Mike Crowley. Photography is my passion. I really could not imagine life without it. I have been involved in photography, one way or another, for the past 60+ years. (I think I am getting the hang of it now). I hope you enjoy the pictures that I upload to ePHOTOzine and I look forward to your comments, (constructive, I hope).I am very much into black and white photography now as you can see from my latest uploads. I hope you find them interesting.
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  • Posted on johnsd's profile

    I love your portfolio, John. As a fellow wildlife and outdoor person I find your photos very inspirational. Keep up the good work.
    • 21 Jul 2020 9:11AM
  • Posted on bobpaige1's profile

    Very impressive portfolio, Bob and very inspirational. Keep them coming.
    • 16 Apr 2020 8:06AM
  • Posted on maratsuikka's profile

    A really beautiful and inspirational collection of pictures. An excellent portfolio.
    • 27 Oct 2019 3:59PM
  • Posted on RysiekJan's profile

    Wow! What a wonderfully varied and inspirational portfolio. I look forward to more of the same in the future. Great stuff!
    • 7 Oct 2019 4:45PM
  • Posted on deejay10's profile

    I really love your portfolio, Debra. Such a varied collection of images. You seemed to have put a lot of thought into each one. You give me a lot of inspiration and I look forward to seeing your future work.. Well done.
    • 29 Sep 2019 4:25PM
  • Posted on cabbie's profile

    A brilliant and varied portfolio. Very inspirational. Thank you.
    • 3 Sep 2019 9:18PM
  • Posted on MikeGillingham's profile

    Great portfolio Mike especially 'The Photos of People Taking Photos'. Fascinating subject. Well done.
    • 30 Aug 2019 4:12PM
  • Posted on Ted447's profile

    Lovely portfolio Ted. Thank you for your vote and comment.
    • 30 Aug 2019 3:53PM
  • Posted on Debmercury's profile

    Lovely portfolio. Very well taken shots. Looking forward to future pics.
    • 29 Aug 2019 4:40PM
  • Posted on KarenFB's profile

    I really love your portfolio, Karen. Such a wonderful variety.
    • 28 Aug 2019 3:58PM
  • Posted on RLF's profile

    Love your portfolio, Rob. Very inspiring. Thank you for the award.
    • 26 Aug 2019 8:46PM
  • Posted on estonian's profile

    You have an interesting and varied portfolio. I enjoy it very much. Thank you for your award.
    • 26 Aug 2019 8:43PM
  • Posted on dark_lord's profile

    A brilliant collection of photos in your portfolio. Very inspirational. Also, thank you for my award.
    • 19 Aug 2019 8:15PM
  • Posted on jimobee's profile

    It is a real pleasure looking through your excellent portfolio, Jim. I look forward to seeing more photos in the future.
    • 15 Aug 2019 6:26PM
  • Posted on wsh's profile

    A very nice collection photos, William. You have a good eye for a picture.
    • 15 Aug 2019 5:00PM
  • Posted on pamelajean's profile

    A wonderful portfolio, Pamela. It is full of strikingly beautiful images. I look forward to more of the same in the future. Well done!
    • 13 Aug 2019 11:07PM
  • Posted on newbe2's profile

    Thanks for your vote.
    • 16 Jun 2019 2:16PM

Limited to latest 30 results.